We have all been there. A whole day off work spent doing nothing apart from lazing around and wasting time. At times, all we need is a day of doing sweet nothing but it can be highly demotivating when you have an extra-long to-do list, or errands to run that are constantly being avoided due to being in a loop of decreased productivity. Luckily for you, we are here to help. Let’s jump into some top tips on how to be more productive. Here goes…

Wake up early

Your day anticipated for being as productive as possible may begin with a rough start if you sleep in. Quite often, when we spend a morning rolling around in our bed with the dread of waking up, there is a high chance that we will have that lazy mindset for the rest of the day or even the following hours after awakening. Set your alarm, and do not snooze it! Waking up early, and fresh will prepare you for being more productive. Grabbing a morning coffee will also ensure that you start your day right. After all, caffeine and the strong scent of coffee in the morning never go a miss!

Go for a walk  

Walking in the fresh air has been proven to release endorphins. Walks also bring down stress levels and lead to you feeling a lot more motivated by stimulating the brain through light exercise. Therefore, before you even attempt to crack on with that to-do list, take a quick stroll outside. It doesn’t need to be an extensive walk either! A quick 20-minute walk around the block could do you the world of good and lead to a super productive day afterward.

Create an achievable to-do list

Quite often, our day of aiming to be more productive can flunk if there is a lengthy and unachievable to-do list in front of us. Sure, a to-do list keeps us on the right track, but overworking yourself can simply lead to demotivation. That applies to both working days and days off. Make your to-do list realistic. Do not put too many far-fetched goals and ideas on it that could lead to draining you and potentially calling off the full list completely.

Hire professionals to do the nitty-gritty work

On the note of featuring far-fetched tasks on your to-do list, to be productive, you may need to pass some work on to the experts. Try not to attempt large-scale projects around the home as they could ultimately lead to more of a mess. Do your bathroom tiles need to be replaced? Probably better to call in a professional to avoid further damage or complications. Do you need a new carpet fitted on the stairs? To avoid injuries and a botched-up carpet job…professionals in this trade all the way! Need your gutter cleaned or repaired? Avoid height complications and a washed-out and grimy home exterior and click here to call the professionals! Some jobs are too big, and being productive does not mean that you need to tackle all projects yourself!

Expose yourself to sunlight

Several studies have proven that sunlight always leads to increased productivity, and whose mood doesn’t automatically brighten up when they see the sun beaming in the sky!? We know that us living in the UK know the feeling! The sun can reduce the feeling of fatigue which, in turn, can instantly spark productivity! Why else do you think office buildings aim to incorporate as much natural sunlight as possible through large windows? Careful though, as we all know, and have probably experienced, too much sunlight can make you feel drowsy, so try to keep long sun exposures for when you are on vacation mode!


To be more productive why not spend a day clearing out and decluttering? Clutter, especially when in an office environment can lead to a decrease in productivity as it can simply be distracting and overwhelming, especially if you are in a compact space. Do not let clutter bring you down! We know it can be a thought and can take a lot of time, but try to tackle aspects of your home that require replenishment. Yes, that means your wardrobe that is packed full of clothes, shoes, and bags that you may never wear again!

Focus on one task at a time

Most often, people who flunk a productive day do so as they become overwhelmed with getting everything done that it all ends up merging into one task. Try not to multitask and make your way through to-do lists accordingly. Prioritise those projects and tasks that need to be completed urgently and if you get the rest of the list completed, you should simply see this as a bonus! If you end up ironing, hanging up washing, cooking dinner, and scrubbing the floors all at once, you will only burn yourself out! The same applies to work. Try not to jump between several projects at once, unless you enjoy having 50+ tabs open on your computer! That is not enjoyable for anyone. For instance, when building a company you have plenty of stuff to complete and that’s the main reason for what outsource some tasks to experts can save you time and money along the process. Through a Global PEO you can make this happen wherever you are thanks to their Human Resources Software.


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