The acer monitor black screen occurs due to a damaged graphics driver or an issue with the LCD backlight. Connect an external monitor and then restart your computer to check the display. If you see an image on the external display, it could be a conflict between the graphics driver with the laptop LCD that causes the laptops screen to turn dark, but it is still functioning. There are numerous ways to repair a laptops screen or laptop turning on with there is no issue with the display. However, we will talk about how we can fix it using Repair.

Common Reasons for Acer monitor black screen

Your Acer laptop’s screen could be black if a virus or malware damaged the system. Therefore, run a virus scan throughout your Windows system. Yes, it will take a while to complete. However, it’s well worth the effort. However, Windows Defender may not detect it. Therefore, you should try another antivirus software like Avira as well as a panda.

The other reasons are:

·         Problems with connection to your screen or monitor.

·         Issues with updating the driver for Display adapters.

·         Problems with recent system updates or installation.

·         Changes in the settings for the display adapter can cause the screen malfunction.

·         A deadlock or a malfunctioning system could also trigger this issue.

·         A hardware issue such as broken displays or loose wire can result in a display being black.

·         The display drivers installed may not be compatible or up to date.

·         It could be an issue with the firmware of your system.

·         The essential processes required to start the computer and load its display onto the computer may not be properly loaded during the initialization.

·         It could also occur if your system runs on a disk that is not enough space or if your firmware has been damaged by malware.

Common methods to restore Acer monitors with black screens

Sometimes, acer laptop blue light on but screen is black. If a hardware issue resulted in the laptop showing the screen black after logging in, take a look at visiting a repair center. However, if it’s a software issue, you may be able to fix it using these tips.

·         Power Reset your Laptop

·         Check out for the Acer Laptop with an External Monitor

·         Try Key Shortcuts with Certain Keys

·         Eliminate viruses as well as malware of the Disk

·         Make the necessary changes to the BIOS Component

·         Make sure you check the condition of your Acer Laptop’s AC Adapter and Battery

How do I recover lost data caused by Acer monitor’s black screen using Recoverit?

Many reasons can cause this black-screen error. By following the steps above, you can correct the problem in most cases. But, if you didn’t succeed then, how do you recover the lost data? But don’t fret – you are still recovering your deleted files with a trusted tool such as Recoverit Data Recovery. It runs flawlessly in Windows 10 and can extract the lost data in various scenarios.

After you have successfully installed Recoverit, start it and then, from the options for recovery, select the “Recover in Crash Computer” mode. Click “Start” in the next window.

There are two options to select from when choosing an option to bootable devices. You’ll need to choose one of two options: the USB device that can boot. After you’ve chosen, press on the “create” option to begin.

A second pop-up window will ask that you format the bootable device. Make sure you have backups of your data before creating your bootable device. Click “Format” to proceed “Format” step.

The process of creating a bootable device will begin, and you should be careful not to disrupt the process by taking out the bootable device.

If the process takes some time, you might want to consider taking a break while waiting. After the procedure is completed, you will see three simple steps you need to follow to finish your healing.

Very crucial action is to make sure you alter the boot sequence for your computer within your bios settings menu. Let your computer boot from the bootable device, save modifications, and restart your system.

After restarting your computer, the program will immediately allow you to restore any lost files.

You’re done! After reading through this comprehensive guide, I’m certain that you’ll be able to resolve this Windows 10 black screen after the login issue. I’ve listed various software-related issues you could use to fix the black screen that appears after the login problem. However, if you’ve lost your data in the process, you should use Recoverit to recover your data. It is used by experts and can assist you in recovering all types of lost and deleted data from your computer in a flash.

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This review concludes that Recoverit is a fantastic application that can perform various exercises using Windows PCs. From fixing a black screen an operating system to fixing the system and backing up and recovering partitions or cloning them or erasing data. No software can beat Recoverit.


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