While every interior and exterior house painting job is different, there are specific painting rules that you must follow to get the best results. This piece is especially important for DIYers. If you are considering painting your property yourself, it is important that you have some kind of game plan on the best way to deal with the painting project. Hence, it is important that you stick to a few key painting rules.

Professional painters are not left out in this. They follow specific painting rules that not only brings out the highest quality of job but also guarantee safety. So, when planning your next interior and exterior house painting project, here are a few things to consider

Choose Water-based Paint

Back in the days, the most popular paint type is lead paint. Many people were oblivious of the dangers of lead paint. Though it is no longer commercially available on the market, there are still some toxic paints that can also cause harm to health and the environment in general.

The best choice for your painting project is water-based organic paint. Using oil-based alternative can be harmful to the human health and the environment, due to its high level of VOCs. The most user-friendly and harmless paint type is the water based paints. Not only do these paint provide high quality finish but also dry quickly.

Right Tools

The best of painting projects requires the right tools and equipment. This equipment include brush, roller, drop sheets, primer and ladder depending on the height of the building. If you are using a roller, do not use paint trays as it is more likely to cause spillages. The best alternative is to use a roller grid, which is a lot more user friendly and the most ideal for huge paint projects.

Invest in different kinds of brushes so it is easier to access the hard to reach places. Another important tool is the tape. Use the tape to cover trims and ceilings you’d like to paint with a different color.


Preparation is one of the most important part of the painting process. It is hard to get a high quality finish without the right preparation. First, you’ll need to make sure the surface is properly prepped to be in the right condition. It takes more than just cleaning the surfaces. You need to smoothen the surface, seal holes and cracks. Failing to smoothen the wall surface can affect the paint job. Be prepared to sand surfaces where necessary.

Set Realistic Goals

Painting is not an easy job. Since you are doing the painting yourself, odds are high that you have limited painting experience. Nonetheless, have it at the back of your mind that the painting job will be time consuming.

Regardless of how small the interior and exterior house painting job, you should dedicate a whole day for the job. This will give you enough time to tackle any issue that may arise. Painting is not a task that you’d do hastily. Take your time and be sure the weather conditions are right.


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