Tucson residents have had numerous reasons to consider remodelling or renovating their houses during the last year and a half. A historically wet July didn’t help, but neither did strong winds and smoke from last year’s severe fire season. And don’t even get me started on the time wasted at home, planning out home improvement projects. Many home renovation projects, however, necessitate the services of a professional. Even though the time, money, and materials required for home renovation projects vary widely, there are numerous tools available to help you complete your project successfully.

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The two most crucial stages before selecting a contractor are knowing the facts of the job and not making a hasty decision, according to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, a regulatory body that licenses and supervises commercial and residential contractors. Their advice to homeowners is to ensure the contract contains a comprehensive breakdown of all aspects of the project, as well as to confirm the price if at all possible. In addition, the obligation for acquiring building permits must be mentioned in such a contract, also,  you must always acquire this in writing! Simply put, “disagreements are to be foreseen” when the contractor and you do not comprehend the written records in the same manner.

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In addition to making sure that your contractor and you are in agreement, it is as important to ensure they are licensed. Each year, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors receives well over 2,000 complaints about unlicensed contractors, and that’s only in our jurisdiction. Even in a year known for low output, they got over 1,000 complaints until August 2020.

Contractors who are unlicensed could cost hundreds or even a huge number of dollars to homeowners, and the property holder is frequently  left to pay the bills, no matter if  they’re content or not with the outcomes.

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Before signing a contract with such a contractor, ask for a list of referrals, get written quotes from several other contractors, and confirm that the individual you’re discussing your task with is the licensed contractor’s authorized representative.

Even though there are dozens of other types of home improvement jobs for all types of structures, roof repair is a particularly common housing project in Tucson. In spite of the fact that we love residing in the Southwest, the weather here may be very harsh on your roof. High winds, heavy rain, and snow might all signal that your roof is in desperate need of repair.

This can be a significant financial commitment, so do your research before making any decisions. While a leakage or broken shingles may be obvious evidence that your roof requires repair, you should also keep an eye on the roofs of your neighbors to see if they need any work done.

Surrounding buildings are frequently constructed at the same period, which means their roofs will have similar lifespans and require similar maintenance.


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