Recovery from drug or alcohol abuse requires time, effort, support, and strong willpower. When you decide to enter a professional Alcohol Rehab in Austin, TX for the treatment, you start with your journey towards recovery. This recovery journey includes four distinct stages of rehab that will help you to learn to develop a sober and healthy lifestyle.

Stage 1:Treatment initiation

When a person decides to join the Rehab treatment program, they enter -the first stage of recovery and that is treatment initiation. At this stage, the goal is to help the patient to make a decision to quit alcohol or substance abuse. The medical experts will help the addict to do the following:

  • Look at the harmful effects of addiction.
  • Explode the denial feelings.
  • Motivate the person to recover.

At this stage, the individual drug and alcohol history is collected, and a customized treatment program is made to help the person.

Stage 2: Early Abstinence

Once you have decided to be a part of the treatment program and begin it, you will get into the second stage of rehab. This stage is one of the toughest stages of drug Rehab treatment as it involves numerous factors like:

  • Withdrawal symptoms.
  • Physical cravings.
  • Triggers.
  • Psychological dependence.

During this stage, the medical counseling will help the patient to learn coping skills that will help them to control the cravings and triggers. They will also suggest the different tools in therapies to use to become sober and live a healthy lifestyle. Some help the strategies included are:

  • Participation in healthy activities.
  • Finding alternative behavior to avoid drug or alcohol consumption.
  • Participation in self-help group programs.
  • Recognition of triggers that leads to cravings.

Stage 3: Maintaining abstinence

Approximately after 3 months of continuous abstinence, you will enter the early stage of recovery. If you are in the sober living house, you will be now moving to the follow-up counseling phase for the outpatient treatment. At this stage, you will learn about the warning steps and signs that may lead you towards the relapse. You will get to learn about the tools that can help you to continue living a sober lifestyle.

Stage 4: Advanced recovery

The last stage is advanced recovery where you will take all the skills and tools you have learned during your rehab to continue to use them for living a sober and healthy lifestyle. The strategies that can help to maintain soberity are:

  • Creating long-term goals.
  • Maintaining a consistent schedule.
  • Forming social relationships with sober people.
  • Participation in recreational activities.

The last words

Recovery from drugs and alcohol abuse is a lifelong process that requires strong willpower, uncompromised commitment, and changes in the multiple aspects of an individual’s life. These four stages of the Rehab treatment can help a person to learn about the benefits of recovery, motivate them to change their behavior, and develop the new coping skills to succeed in the long term. So if you are a drug or alcohol addict and want to live a sober life, join the Alcohol Rehab Austin, TX today and get all the help you need to become sober and healthy again.


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