Weightlifting is a fun and healthy sport that helps you stay fit and develops coordination and flexibility. But getting the barbell up overhead takes a lot of preparation. Boys and girls have dreamed of being strong and enduring from childhood, so they enroll in a section where they are taught to lift weights. But not every parent understands what weightlifting is for children, and do they need it, in principle, from childhood?

Boys and Girls

Those who were able to develop physical fitness and moral and volitional qualities can count on high results in strength sports. Long-term training and constant striving to be the first is the key to victory in any competition. But the foundation of these qualities must be laid in childhood. Suppose a teenager who takes the first steps in weightlifting learns to perform the technical component of the exercises without mistakes, then in adulthood. In that case, as his physical performance and endurance develop, he will win a gold medal at any championship.

At what age to start training?

It is essential to start training and build your will to win from early childhood. But at the age of 7-8, neither boy nor girl will be allowed to lift weights. They are only helped to adapt the still developing organism to physical activity. In particular, young athletes swim in the pool, perform simple exercises with dumbbells.

At the initial stage of training, the instructors’ task is to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the ankle. The workload becomes heavier when adolescents reach 14-15 years old, and the phase of puberty overcomes its peak. Readiness for strength training is determined, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body. According to statistics, boys are sent to the weightlifting section at 8-9 years old, girls – at 12-13 years old.

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Every weightlifter is different. Therefore, the training process is built, taking into account the characteristics of the athlete. The mentor develops a technique for performing the exercise and plans a gradual increase in loads. He also selects unique activities to develop motor qualities, draws up a plan for the athlete’s participation in competitions, etc.

A weightlifter starts an athlete’s diary. An individual training plan is prescribed – the mixed classes, types of exercises, number of approaches, barbell weight. The athlete and the coach evaluate the results at the end of the lesson. Later, when you feel ready to start training without a coach, you may consider buying gym equipment.

How to choose an athletics class?

Often, parents do not know where to send a child who has decided to go in for strength sports. When choosing a class, the main criterion is the cost of services. Also, parents are trying to get a subscription to attend weightlifting classes in centers located near home.

When giving preference to one or another section, it is important to know that professionals will deal with the child. The class in which they work has a positive reputation. It is necessary to make sure of the technical equipment of the club. When choosing a class online, it is needed to analyze the reviews of those who are already studying in it.

What difficulties can you face?

In weightlifting, any violations of the daily routine missed workouts immediately affect the performance and results of the athlete. Particular attention is paid to the athlete’s weight. The child’s body weight is constantly monitored.

From the first lessons, a young athlete will have to learn how to plan his day and strictly observe diet and rest regimes. The weightlifter must eat at least four times a day. Mentors do not recommend that their students come to training hungry. It will be difficult for the athlete to perform complex movements since hunger reduces the concentration of attention and the reaction of a person.


Weightlifting will help your child not only become strong and resilient but also improve their self-esteem. Only instructors with sufficient experience in working with children should be entrusted with the physical training. Physical activity should not be maximum, even if the child is interested in them. Thorough attempts to lift the bar should be made from 13-14 years old. When doing strength exercises, it is not recommended to ignore safety precautions.


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