The heating of water using solar is becoming a trend in the present day. Solar energy occurs naturally, and it makes life easier. This article will discuss the factors that you should consider in buying a solar heater system.

Especially in African households, it is pretty challenging to count on the high electricity bills and the power supply that is most times unreliable. Solar energy has become the alternative energy as it is cheap, efficient, and reliable. These advantages have opted developers to make water heatingsystems to beused in homes, as they have proven to reduce electricity consumption by 65%.

Therefore, it is essential to consider a few factors when buying one.

Source of water

It is essential to know the water source, whether it is hard or soft. These two types of water use different heating systems due to their difference in mineral contents. For instance,soft water uses a direct heating system, while hard water uses an indirect heating system.

Functionality andtypes

These two factors determine which area and place the solar water heaters are being installed. The Flat Plate Collector (FPC) is mainly made of metals. Therefore, it has high emissivity and conductivity. Their installation is mostly in tropical climates.

The other is the Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC). It is made for both the temperature and tropical regions as it retains heat better. They are delicate as their making is of glass hence should be carefully handled. They are also cheaper compared to FPC.

Image of a pressurized flat panel collector.

Plumbing work

This is another point to consider as different solar heater systems require additional plumbing while installing them in the house. For instance, in bathrooms, the system installation uses the two-way piping mechanism.  The hot and cold water connection in the place uses two different pipes. A tube type of heater system is used  In the kitchen, as the water is heated faster, leading to minimize water wastage.

Tank type

The type of tank used is crucial as it should be able to withstand and retain the heat. A good tank has heat for 60-72 hours and should be the thick type too. These tanks should not be corroded easily, mainly if it is hard water usage. A good tank does not give the stored water a foul smell too. For more, check

Service life

The heating system you are buying should give you service for a considerable time. You should enjoy its service according to the value attached to it. Many companies sell their systems on this point, so you should be assured of its life service.

Water pressure

Different solar water heaters can withstand different water pressures in the house. There is a non-pressurized and pressurized heating system in the market. Pressure equilibrium needs to maintenance between the heating system and that of the supply line.

Anyone purchasing a solar heating system should put in mind that having good and right heater systems in the house will serve them much longer. It is always advisable to take time and research the best system according to their needs.


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