A vacuum cleaner is an electrical machine that uses an air pump that sucks up dirt and is mainly used to clean floors, rugs, and other surfaces. These machinescome in various designs and are primarily used in homes and industries, depending ontheir power and need of the owner. The cleaners’ popularity is rapidly growing among Kenyan.


The first vacuum cleaner was designed in the 1860s, manually driven, while the first motorized one came in the 20th century. Many companies have come up with their designs, and they come with their different specialty.Nowadays, these cleaners come with many designs, and it may be challenging to come up with a decision on the type you want to purchase. There are different things to consider before buying this machine.

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Suction Power

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner is measured in Air watts, which significantly affects its cleaning performance. Most of these cleaners have 100-200 air watts, although other full-sized vacuums have high watts of about 300 air watts.  Suction power is essential to consider because you have to look at where you are supposed to clean, and amount of dirt you are about to clean, and how fast you want to work. For example, strong suction power is mainly considered when you have thick carpets or hairy pets. A good product is carpet cleaner.

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The dirt bin capacity

Different cleaners come with variousdirt bin capacities. A littledirt bag means that you will often be emptying, which means your work will be slower. Hence, the dirt bin capacity must be significantly considered depending on the area you want to work in. some vacuums come with bagless units. In contrast, others come with bagged units, and both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.Visit The Site: networldking52

Cleaning reach

Different vacuum cleaners have different lengths of power cords attached to the cleaning hose. Some are short hence cannot reach distant areas, while the longer ones are easy to use since they reach the furthest of places and cover a larger radius. There are also cordless vacuums that use inbuilt batteries and do not depend on main power from the socket; all you have to do is to ensure that it is fully charged, and it will run up to half an hour to an hour. The cordless vacuums are however, not cheap.

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Ease of maintenance, use, and handling

You must read the manuals of the machine that you have considered purchasing next. These manuals can show you the controls that should be easy to reach and use, the dirt cups, which are supposed to be easy to empty, and a self-cleaning brush roll. These manuals can guide you on whether the machine is easy to use and maintain. Heavy machines canalso be tiresome and hectic to use.


Vacuums cleaners have made work more effortless in the cleaning department. Thanks to more advancementin technology, many different vacuums are designed to match other users’ desires. So, should one consider owning a vacuum? Then, my answer is yes. Cleaning has been made easier. Check vacuum cleaner price in Kenya.

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