“Love is love!” you must have heard this saying a lot, but the real implications and feeling behind the aforementioned words drown on you when you get into a situation that tests your feeling and love for your partner to the very core, like being away from the one you love. Long-Distance relationships are omnipresent and have become extremely popular as the world becomes smaller with the presence of the internet, video calls, and social media to keep people connected. Inter-state, inter-country, and even inter-continental relationships are a thing now but this, however, does not mean that they are easy. Long-distance relationships have all the problems and obstacles of a normal relationship with the added pain of heart-wrenching separation. With the rise of this global pandemic, Long distances become the need of the hour, especially for those whose significant other resides in another country and can not visit because of travel restrictions.

But again, love is love and it knows no limits and doesn’t care about man-made boundaries. The modern Romeos and Juliets are making it work against all odds by walking the extra mile. Enduring the miles between is hard but it gets harder on the special occasion when you need nothing more than the presence of your sweetheart. We know it’s tough but don’t be sad and defeat the distance with our help. Read all about the exciting ways to celebrate this new year with the love of your life!

Special New-Years Eve Date

If you guys are making an inter-continental situation work, chances are you both are in two different time zones. Therefore, your new year must be at different times as well and you both also may have plans with their friends so why not come up with your own middle ground new year date? Select a time that is suitable for both of you, schedule a call at that time, and spend the last day of the year together! You can plan some activities or just walk down memory lane by talking about all the great things you both did this year.

Netflix And Chill For The New Year

Movie dates have always been one of the most date ideas but because of the distance between you two, you must be thinking that it’s not for you, right? Well wrong! With so many cool OTTs rising up, you can now throw online movie streaming parties. There are plenty of apps that allow you to watch the same movie or videos while keeping your video or audio on. So this new year, celebrate and enjoy the classic movie date with the one you love the most.

Cooking Date of Two

If you are two foodies in love who are looking for the perfect date idea, then a cooking date is the best option for you. Cook your new year’s special delicacy together- look for a dish that you both would want to have, gather all the ingredients and start a video call. Follow the same recipe while sharing some laughs and once you are done, enjoy the meal together just like you will when you are together. You can plan it in advance or send the ingredients to your partner’s place through online order and surprise him or her for a spontaneous date. Trust us, it can be the best new year gift for someone who loves cooking as much as they love you.

Make A Playlist To Dance The Night Away

Distance creates tons of barriers for lovers but you know that the one you love is worth all the wait and pain. We know you want to celebrate the last night and the first morning of the year, dancing in the arms of your better half. Though you can not do that, we can help you feel their presence with one idea. Make a special new years playlist for each other with all the songs you love and wanna dedicate to him or her. While dancing on those groovy beats, you will feel the words more than ever and they will surely surround you like a safety blanket to keep you warm on the cold December night.

Make this new year celebration all about you and your honey boo with the most creative ideas, Happy Holidays!


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