The rise of a competitive market has made business owners and recruiters look upto intelligent tools such as Applicant Tracking Systems. But what exactly do these digitizing tools achieve? The short answer is they streamline, automate, and centralize all candidate information on a single platform. ATSs are the go-to for employers to spot, catch the attention of, and get the best of candidates onboard. However, there’s even more to it. For example – it definitely saves you from spending tonnes of time handling, assimilating, and organizing all the received applications. Now, try to think about how much time each individual in your recruitment team can save – every day. Whoa, now that’s something, isn’t it?

Looking Closer: ATS and Employers

Just like everything else, good headhunting begins with many filters – something that can easily differentiate an average candidate from an exceptional one. To do it on a daily basis, the hiring pipeline requires numerous tools. Voila! That’s when ATS comes in. An often AI-based framework collates promising applications, and then lets the hiring team take over. Once the candidates are shortlisted, the ATS also lets the hiring team schedule calls, send emails, collect feedback, and do other errands seamlessly. The best part about it is apart from helping with the overall recruitment process and all its steps, an ATS can help the employer to grow their candidate database, employee referral network, in a single interface. 

Intelligent Resume Management

For recruiting, things get overwhelming easily every step of the way. Be it for a startup that hires frequently or a large-scale business with elaborate hiring processes, imagine how tedious it can get if the recruitment department has to manually review hundreds of applications every day. The intelligent algorithms of the ATS come in handy to match the candidate applications and then rank as per their qualifications and experience. All this is done in effective, error-free, and hassle-free ways.

Furthermore, the resumes received can be stored as per their specializations/preferences and custom labels for any future opportunities. Reports suggest that ATS can take just 6 seconds in determining whether a resume is promising. It’s faster than saying ‘Zap and done’ out loud and then catching a breath!  

Rankings & Keywords

We know what you’re thinking – with that fast resume screenings, does it produce reliable results? What the ATS does for each application it screens is that it automatically compares the resume received immediately with the job description. And based on the observation made, the resumes are scored and as discussed earlier, they’re ranked. This paves the way for the recruiter to choose among the top-ranking resumes first, which otherwise would’ve taken a long time. 

Furthermore, ATS can also conduct a keyword search in the resumes received – as per the opening. For instance, if the recruiter is on the lookout for a Search Engine Optimization Analyst, it only makes sense the keywords they’ll be looking for in the resume would be related skills, jargon, and other similar keyphrases.  

In a Nutshell

The pandemic has definitely triggered what they’re calling ‘The Great Resignation’ where employees are rapidly switching for meaningful opportunities with better work-life balance. This has led many employers to grapple with alarming rates of exits and onboarding resources in the past two years. Under such circumstances, many of them are turning to newer, improved ATS that come with efficient filters that are both indiscriminate and advanced. With employability taking the front seat in the ‘new normal’, the future of automated ATS is going to be the new standard for recruitment. Therefore, ATS now stands as the first step into getting through in any recruitment process, long before making the cut for clearing further steps. 

If you’re a business owner who’d like to learn things more from a first-hand-preference about ATS, here are a few simple and promising ones that can be your guide:

Lever, San Francisco

Founded in 2012, they’re one of the most sought-after ATS software out there because of their detailed analytics and data-based system that yields better KPIs. Aptly user-friendly and intuitive, they can be a great start to your recruitment routines. 

iCIMS, Denver

Another leader in recruitment and hiring software, they’re targeted for commercial and global companies. Their cloud-based platform is relied on by brands like Amazon and integrates easily with many other third-party recruiting tools to keep all things streamlined and organized. 

Avature, New York

Folks here at Avature ATS deliver compelling automation features that go the whole yard in taking care of the overall recruitment environment within an enterprise. Their one-platform design streamlines valuable candidate data, easy to handle and effective.  

In case you’re looking for a tool that goes beyond just applicant tracking, we’d recommend PYPA Hire. Currently, under beta-testing, their talent acquisition software is a combination of candidate management, applicant tracking, centralized messaging, and many more – in a single, clean, engaging interface. You’re welcome!


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