Many recruiters have started their recruitment agencies in the last two years. If you’re one of such solo recruiters, then you are acquainted with how competitive it is during talent sourcing. If you want to get ahead, then you must leverage online skills testing software to find the best candidates easily.

Proactive recruiters, of course, have a substantial drive to make quality placements for clients as quickly as possible.

Recruitment is people-focused and a very candidate-driven market. The most skilled candidates are not expected to remain long in the jobs market. Having a skills assessment software is an important tool for recruiters who aim to be more efficient and effective than their competitors.

Why candidate sourcing is so competitive

Labour shortage is a problem in every kind of industry. This is also mostly why employers hire the services of recruiters who they expect will find the talent they need as soon as possible. But the talent pool is mostly limited. The one who gets in faster is the one who gets the talent they need.

Every hiring company has a certain criterion they’d like their new employee to meet. But so does every other company that is looking to hire for a similar role.

Experienced recruiters have a network of potential candidates. But it is more likely than not that the same candidates are also on many other recruiters’ lists. Finding the right individual at the right time and engaging them throughout the hiring process is a huge challenge.

How employee skills testing software is valuable for solo recruiters

There is no doubt that pre-employment skills testing is critical in evaluating applicants. And how does it help recruitment start-ups?

Well, independent recruiters can immediately make a list of suitable candidates and then send these individuals some appropriate skills tests to evaluate them for the role.

Doing so helps them be steps ahead of the other recruiters. Most other recruiters would probably only be checking CVs and waiting for interviews to measure an applicant’s skills and suitability. The proactive solo recruiter who utilises skills testing software to partake in employee skills testing will find out whether their applicants’ strengths, talent and potential are at a much earlier stage.

Online skills tests are extremely efficient and easy. Once the suitable tests are selected, recruiters can email them directly from the software to their candidates. Recruiters can send these skills tests to groups of candidates at once, shortening the process even further.

Candidates can take the test from anywhere. The tests are usually within 5 to 60 minutes. Test results are sent over to the recruiter’s inbox as soon as candidates are done with it. Recruiters can also share these with the client who can then proceed to make qualified hiring decisions.

Whether it is to test a particular type of skill or to assess an individual’s collaborative style, a skills assessment software offers different tests to its users.

Some of the most popular ones include – psychometric testing, literacy skills tests, numeracy skills tests, secretarial skills testing, etc. In recent times, the employee skills testing software also has GDPR employee training and data protection online testing.

Hence, a solo recruiter who is proactive and understands the value of using an online skills assessment software should find one that integrates with their start-up’s recruitment software. A CRM software solution is a recruiting tool that all recruiters use daily. So, the skills testing software must integrate smoothly with the CRM system.



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