Drink driving is a serious traffic offense in Australia, and if this is your first offense, you can get away with either a significant fine, a good behavior bond, or a community service order. But you are still not safe because you will have a conviction on your criminal record as well as the prospect of losing your driver’s license. It will not only affect your personal life but your professional life too in case you rely on your car to get to work or to carry out your work. That’s why you need to work with an experienced drunk driving lawyer in Sydney when you are charged with such an offense even for the first time. This article provides information on why you should hire a drink driving lawyer in Sydney.

When you are charged with drink driving in Sydney, your offense will be placed into one of these three categories:

. Low-range Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol or PCA is described as a blood alcohol content of above 0.05 and less than 0.08 in your system

. Mid-range PCA – blood alcohol content of above 0.08 and less than 0.15

. High-range PCA – blood alcohol content of above 0.15

When you are charged for drink driving in Sydney, you are more likely to be breathalyzed twice – once at the roadside and the other at the police station. Usually, the second reading will be used as the basis for your charge. The higher the alcohol percentage in your system, the more serious the penalty is going to be. In fact, you will be facing a greater fine as well as a period of disqualification from driving, the more alcohol you consume before driving your vehicle. You will face harsh penalties including a prison sentence for such an offense. That’s why you need to work with an experienced drunk driving lawyer in Sydney to obtain a conditional or unconditional dismissal of the charge or prevent the conviction from being entered on your record. It can also make the difference between being given a term of imprisonment or a fine in more serious cases.

A drink driving lawyer in Sydney has the legal expertise and know-how to help reduce your penalty. The experience of the lawyer can make a significant difference in the type of penalty you may receive. There is a complex argument in drink driving law known as extra-curial punishment. An experienced lawyer knows how to argue in court so that you may not lose your license if the impact was disproportionate to the offense. For example, if it’s a first-time offense, an experienced drink driving lawyer can argue that there was something going on in your life at the time to explain your behavior. A reputable lawyer will provide you with the necessary assistance and advice to make sure you know what penalties and suspension periods could be imposed. 

If you have been caught drink driving in an emergency situation, please contact our expert team at Ainsley Law in Sydney.


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