The recovery time for joint replacement surgeries varies greatly because every patient’s immunity responds in a different pathway to surgical interference. It depends on the patient’s overall health, genetics, and the complications of the surgical procedure. These affect how rapidly the individual will get back to their everyday life after the hip or knee restoration.

There is a lot of debate which keeps going on in the minds of people, about whether it is the knee replacement surgery which takes a longer time to heal or is it the hip replacement since both these surgeries involve the joints, there is much debate about the same.

By realizing what influences recovery time, the individuals can clearly understand how much time they need to invest appropriately. Top orthopaedics hospital in Bangalore can forecast the precise amount of time needed for a successful hip or knee joint restoration.

Knee vs Hips:

The surgical procedure for a complete hip replacement is a bit shorter than the total knee replacement surgery. The reason being the joint of the hip bone is a straightforward one. The joints on the knees have to flex and rotate. They have to soak all the weight from the center to keep an individual’s structure upright.

It also has to move the patient’s body in and out. For this reason, after the knee restoration surgery, there are more soft cells to heal to complete the body’s recovery, contrasting to hip restoration surgery. Therefore, anticipated complete healing periods for restoration of hips are more prone to be the short length for the repair of knees.

Bluntly speaking, a full recovery for the restoration of knees takes somewhere from 12 weeks to 52 weeks. A full recovery for the restoration of hips takes some time, from 6 weeks to 24 weeks.

Full recovery is only achieved when the soft tissues and surgical wounds are thoroughly repaired. The individuals feel good enough to go back to their daily life activities and when their joint range of motion and functions improve majorly. In both scenarios, the individual can continue healing for up to 24 months, even though this might not be specifically noticeable in the body.

Recovery speed:

  • The patients need to utilize all the equipment tried and tested by the professionals:— the braces and machines
  • The patients have to fully commit to their prescribed in-house workout regions and visit physical therapy
  • The individuals have to stick to their prescribed medicines schedules
  • The patients have to stay for a follow up after 15 to 21 days of surgeries for dressing purposes
  • After 45 days, the patient has to go for a check-up with h fresh x-ray report
  • They can go for the 90-day appointment after completing the physical therapy
  • The next meeting will be after a year. Sometimes this is considered to be the point of complete repair for a Restoration of joint

Wrapping up:

The patient has to attend the check-up appointments. Commonly the top orthopedics hospital in Bangalore check-up schedules ensures total knee and hip restorations. However, in the end, it is the expert who can give the right suggestion and guide accordingly.


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