We all have done it once in a while. Because at one point we all were naive and Mr. Somebody told us with sparkle in his eyes that commenting is blessing for link building – we followed him. Those with a stable balance sheet invested to buy quality backlinks (USA). Those with a financial crunch invested in blog commenting. And it worked. But, does blog commenting help in link building now? We spoke to PLB – Perfect White-Labelable SEO & Link Building Company – and it revealed to us things that we wish had known before.

Do you too feel like a link building expert after commenting on blog posts?

Blog Commenting as a link building strategy!

When the internet had risen from a single bit to countless bytes, there were hopes in the eyes of the world. A guy sitting in New York was daydreaming about how he will be writing letters to his beloved; another kid was wondering if he would be able to buy gum candies or not; there a woman was discussing how terrible this thing is with her neighbour. And soon these hopes and wonders were realized when blogging came to the world near 1997. Now, people could share their life stories and poetries and terrible jokes with the world. But where the common crowd was wondering about doing fun, businesses around were looking for growth potential there.

In 1998 a website called Open Diary first introduced readers’ comments to allow people to interact more closely. It was a great idea. Consequently, we now have comment sections almost everywhere on the internet.

But how come commenting turned into a link building strategy?

How it all started!

The idea emerged when digital competition was brewing up across the world. Websites saw huge potential in the internet. It could help them reach the crowd in no time. And thus, the war started. People wanted to rank higher on search engines and thus used every strategy they could. There were two things that people knew would help them rank back then –

  • Using Keywords
  • Creating backlinks

And imagine what happened? The world exploited these both. They used strategies that were very manipulative in nature. And it worked for them because the search engines were not some Goliath back then. They started stuffing the keywords to manipulate the search engines to believe that they have the things which search engines are looking for. And regarding link building, people started dropping links at every place possible and impossible –

  • Web Directories
  • Blog Comment Sections
  • Explicit Websites
  • Emails
  • Hacking Websites and inserting the URLs.

This too worked. But what about now?

Blog Commenting as a link building strategy in 2022!

As far as we talk about search engines, they have grown immensely stronger. Their digital eyes now have that algorithmic sharpness and their mind the speed. If you think that blog commenting for link building can land you somewhere, then yes, it can land you in trouble. Any good SEO and link building company will ask you to avoid it or use it creatively.

Spamming the comment section is what you just cannot do now. Every major website that has the crowd now has anti spamming algorithms that easily tackle 99.99% spams. It means your efforts will go in vain alone. But there are some perfect white-Labelable SEO & link building company that help businesses work around this strategy with ease and cleanliness, without using any foul tactic.

But, you can surely use the comment section to provide value to the users around. When used creatively, it can bring you traffic in immense amounts. Have a wonderful website with smooth web design and classic valuable content. When the traffic will come land on your website, it will look for value, and once it finds the value, it might share it to others. This can lead to natural link building. And we all know, natural backlinks are the best that a website can have. Now, what about embedding?

Does embedding content help in link building?

To know if it does or does not, we first need to understand this thing called embed and why it is here.

Embed literally means fixing something firmly and deeply into a surface that it becomes a part of it. For example, you may embed precious stones into a wall and make it look luxurious.

When we talk about websites and its elements, embedding remains somewhat the same. When writing content in a website for readers, we sometimes want to share something with them that could be of value to them. For this, we either drop a link to help them out, or we can embed that thing on our very web page. Embedding provides ease to the readers as they will not have to leave the website to see that content. For example, if you are writing an article about the benefits websites get after they Buy Quality Backlinks USA, and there is an infographic or a video that you think will help you prove your point, you can embed that. It will bring in that image or video inside your very webpage. Now, readers won’t have to leave your website.

Embeds as a link building strategy!

As far as we talk about the present, embedding wonderfully helps in link building. If there is a website that has embedded a video from your website, it has created a backlink for you. ALmost every perfect white-labelable SEO & link building company uses this strategy to create backlinks for their clients. But for this to work, you must have the content that is exceptionally well. Nobody would want to embed your average content on their website.

Here are few things that you can do to get backlinks through embedding web elements –

  • Create infographics – Infographics are images that use graphic elements to prove something. They are mostly used in processes, recipes, stats, etc. Use your creativity and people might just help you have backlinks.
  • Create videos – The data is that videos will soon become the most consumed form of content on the internet. If you think your website and content has space for a video (which could always be there) then create some classic video. Use storytelling and other narrative and cinematographic elements to create outstanding videos.
  • Podcasts and other types of audios – Audio could be anywhere from a song to a podcast, poetry, etc. Try to create audio that is clear and has less noise.

Do these few things and then you may approach tunai4d other websites to embed your content? Or people can naturally embed your content if it is irresistible.

Link Building has grown more refined in recent years. Rarely does any foul tactic work to get backlinks. If your business has high competition, you need to buy quality backlinks in USA to help your website get the start. You’d not want to wait for a year and two to see backlinks coming naturally. The competition is terribly high and you have to pace up to surpass your competitors. The fight is for the top SERP, and it is not easy to get there.


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