Do shop in daylight for foundation. Don’t equate “dermatologist tested” with better quality. The claim does not guarantee that the doctor approved of the product—just that it was tested. Do save your receipts. Many stores will refund your money within a specified period of time if you are not satisfied with a product. If any cream-based makeup smells or has an odd texture, take it back. It is probably old. Don’t toss leftovers unless the makeup is more than eighteen months old.

When that lipstick or cream blush gets near the end, scoop the remainder into small, covered, compartmentalized boxes (palettes) that are available at art and beauty supply stores. Label the back of the palette with the color name for reference when you need to restock. These freestanding stores offer a wide selection of products, often “indie” brands.

This is a good place to find trend-driven shades, foundations, and concealersShopping from catalogs specific to a brand is a convenient way to stock up on favorite shades of cosmetics. Once you are familiar with a product, this is a fast and easy way to order replacements, get a quick overview of new products, and see the latest fashion colors. Has your signature fragrance or favorite lipstick disappeared from the market? This happens for any number of reasons. It is possible that the product was not selling well, or it has been reformulated to meet new standards.

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Discontinued beauty products are available if you know where to look. Use the Internet to do your research. Visit the company’s Web site first. There will generally be information available on discontinued products. Estée Lauder, for example, publishes item closings in advance on their Web site so that consumers can stock up. Specialty Web sites, outlets, and online auctions often carry these cosmetics and fragrances. Do be aware of expiration dates, however.

Cosmetics have a limited shelf life and should not be used after the expiration dates posted by the manufacturer. Finally, if you just can’t locate your old favorite, make a plea. Either e-mail or write a personal letter asking the company to bring it back. Companies listen closely to their customers, and it is not unusual for specific colors or products to be resurrected thanks to consumer demand.


At the very least, you will get a response from the company, usually providing reasons for the closing and often samples of similar products for you to try

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