The popularity of tattoos has been on the rise, with more people choosing to get inked. Still, there are a lot of myths about tattoos, especially among people who do not have them. Such misconceptions have been passed down to younger people and are believed to be the gospel truth. If you want to get a tattoo, it is better to do your own research to differentiate truth from fiction. You can also go to a tattoo shop and consult with the artist where you need more clarification. Discussed below are the common myths about tattoos.

Tattoos are Permanent and Cannot Be Erased

You have probably heard someone say they do not want to get a tattoo because it is a permanent procedure that cannot be undone. A tattoo is indeed permanent, but that does not mean it cannot be erased. Tattoos can be erased through laser removal and leave no scarring. The shortcoming is that tattoo removal is costly. Also, it comes with some pain and discomfort. If the tattoo being removed is big, it will take several sessions to thoroughly erase it. So, even if treatment is technically permanent, it can be removed through laser treatments whenever you decide you do not want it anymore.

You Cannot Donate Blood if You Have a Tattoo

Another myth that most people believe is that you cannot donate blood when you have a tattoo. That is not true. As long as you meet all the requirements a donor should, you can comfortably donate blood. However, when one is tattooed, the area becomes an open wound. Failure to take care of it leads to an infection. Of course, with an infection, you are not a suitable candidate for donating blood. Still, if you get treatment and the infection goes away, you can donate.

Tattoos Can Lead to Cancer

When you are getting a tattoo, it is important to look for a reputable tattoo shop that practices proper hygiene. If the tattoo artist uses sterilized equipment, then tattoos are safe. The myth that you can get cancer from a tattoo is that people believe that the ink contains dangerous chemicals. However, there is no scientific evidence linking cancer to tattoos. In fact, dermatologists believe that if you take care of your tattoos, there is no health concern to be worried about. Besides, there are many organic inks in the market to help prevent health concerns.

Tattoos Are Very Expensive

This is not necessarily true. So many things affect the price of tattoos. For instance, a more complex tattoo that takes a lot of time to ink will cost more than something simple. Also, things like the style of the tattoo are contributing factors. Some common styles include traditional style, watercolor style, tribal tattoo style, and black and grey tattoo style. Other factors that can affect the prize include location on the body, artistic ability, reputation, skill, etc. You can look for artists that are giving tattoos at affordable prices. However, never compromise quality and safety because of cost.

White Ink Hurts More Than Other Colors

This is untrue. When you are getting a tattoo, the artist will use white ink in the end, to highlight other colors and enhance your tattoo. At this point, you are already sore and sensitive. When the artist returns to the same spot, you will feel more pain. However, this has nothing to do with the color of the ink.

These are just a few of the myths that are related to tattoos. Tattoos look nice, and if you want one, misinformation should not get in the way. Do your research to know what is right.

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