Save the date, save our wedding date!

As you probably already know, and for those who do not know what save the date is, here I explain what it is about and original ideas to be able to do it and create a precious memory! 

When you start with the wedding preparations, you are very lost and if you do not have someone who has recently married, you have to find out on your own. I didn’t know what it was, the so special save the date until some friends sent us one for their wedding! In this post, I am going to give your ideas to make your Save the date.

What is save the date?

For those of you who do not know, wedding save the dates is an easy and unique way to communicate the exact date of your wedding, so that your guests reserve the day in advance before you give them the formal invitation in which you will detail all information such as time, venue, RSVP, dress code, among other things. In this way, the guests can already organize themselves so as not to miss your big day! It will be the first contact your guests will have to prepare for your wedding day. So as soon as you know the date of your B-day, go ahead and do it!

This original pre-invitation has become essential in every wedding! Each couple is different, and each one has their own tastes, so none of them will be the same, so take advantage of the ideas that we are going to offer you and personalize your Save the date!

It is usually sent well in advance because they only announce the date, a minimum of 6 months in advance since if you have guests who have to travel from afar, they will be able to come with more security if you notify them in advance.

Save the date in the fridge:

One of the funniest and most useful ideas is to do it using a fridge magnet! It is a very original idea for your save the date, and also your guests will have your date very present since they will have it stuck on their fridge! 

For the more traditional couples:

There is also, for the more traditional, the idea of ​​delivering a card with a photo of you and the date you are going to get married, for which you will have to make a beautiful photo report, in this case, it will be the pre-wedding report, a nice excuse to start practicing for your wedding day photos:

For the most classic couples

If you don’t have time, a card with your wedding date and nice decoration thus, you keep your classic style, but with a touch of modernity since the Save, the date are a trend in Weddings. These ideas can be delivered both by hand and by ordinary mail, although it is always more exciting to deliver them personally since that way you are preparing the guests for your big day! On the other hand, we also find couples who are more modern and send their Save the date by email, or by Whatsapp!  A quick way to get to them on time and in which they can also comment on the wonderful news quickly.

For the most creative couples!

Then there is also an idea you can come up with! In couples, one of the two always has their fun and creative side, there is the ingenuity of each couple (and the desire that both of you put into it) to turn to Save the date into something you will remember for life! Look at these couples; in the photos you can see their naturalness:

Save the date made a video, for the most daring couples:

But what is on the rise now, are the videos of save the date magnet wonderful trailers in which you can become actors for a day in which you will have a wonderful and fun memory which I assure you that you will not regret. In fact, it is one of the best moments you spend with your partner since you put aside the shame and show yourself to the camera as you really are. You can be creative and make funny, original, vintage videos, in your favorite places, images on the beach, science fiction shorts, or super romantic like ours. We had never shared it beyond our guests, so with much affection, I share our Save the date!


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