CoolMoviez is an online site that offers free downloads of top most Indian Movies for internet users across the world. The site offers exclusive movie downloads from various popular channels including Sony, Disney, Vodafone, Star network, Andorra, Cable etc. Being one of the largest online distributors of Indian movies since 1998, the site boasts of an assortment of Indian films in more than thousands of languages. You can choose from various popular genres like action, adventure, love, family, super heroes, war, fantasy, western and comedy to name a few.

However, despite its huge popularity CoolMoviez was earlier associated with illegal website sharing of pirated content. Though there are a few cases of copyright infringement on a few movies, but overall the site is nothing more than a legal satellite service that gives you access to thousands of movies in different languages. The site does not offer any free movie downloads and has always acted in accordance to the terms and conditions laid down by copyright owners. Its popularity was further enhanced when it started offering genuine copies of popular movies for sale.

As per the records CoolMoviez was registered as one of the most trafficked websites on the web and even reached the level of being sought after by Google as a result of its popularity. Many other similar sites have cropped up as a result of the original CoolMoviez popularity, and most of them continue to expand their services. Though many people claim that these sites are nothing but illegal satellite services that dish out pirated copies of movies to unsuspecting users, the fact remains that this is not the case. Though they may be popular among people looking for affordable ways to download movies, the fact is that CoolMoviez also offers genuine copies of tamil movies and you do not have to worry about any other illegal activity.

There are several steps that you need to follow if you wish to avail of coolmovies. For starters, you will have to choose a unique username and choose a password that you will not forget. Once you log into your account, you can search for movies according to your preference. You can either download the movie from the Cool Movies section of the site or choose from the catalog available on the left side of the page. There are some specific categories available for tamil movies, kodambakkam, makar, pakoras, pappo, konkie, panangalkandu, tamil cinema, kalarippoo, Hindi films, Telugu movies and many more.

While some people believe that a movie download service like Cool Movies India is illegal, there is no doubt that this is indeed a new feature being offered by this new website. Since this is an innovative idea the service has been tried out on the Internet and found to be reliable and quite successful. With the help of this unique hosting option the cost of the service too is almost free, but at the same time the quality of the movies is of the best quality. In fact the quality of the downloaded movies from Cool Movies is so good that you may even download two or three movies from the store without downloading them from illegal websites.

The popularity of the website has made it possible for it to expand its services to include other categories of movies such as Telugu movies, recent releases and many more. Many people are also beginning to use the Cool Moviez platform to download music from various portals including amazon prime, azara, kyosoop, music biz and others. You can read reviews about the various services available on the website to know what kind of movies and music are being provided on the basis of the budget. Cool Movies India is proving to be a boon to the cyber world as it has broken the old piracy model which was prevailing in the country. It is predicted that the popularity of this site will continue to rise with time and it will become one of the leading services for downloading all kinds of movies and music.


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