Remember your grandmother’s old sewing machine. It performed miracles in her day. Think of those Hand Crank or Treadle machines. A little work and wow. Nostalgia is a wonderful way to remember those “good old days”.

Today things are very different. Spectrum WiFi use to be work, now it is fun and relaxing. With the right machine, you can easily and quickly create treasured beauty Sewing is as old as the hills. Since the first animal skin wrap, people have tied, knotted, twisted, fastened, and sewn materials together to make clothing, shelter, and all manner of other practical items. Archaeologists have found crude bone needles in some of the oldest excavations. For thousands of years, ever stitch was sewn by hand.

Many different kinds, sizes, and shapes of needles were used, but they all depended on manual labor to form the stitches. In 1886, a man by the name of Elias Howe patented the first truly practical sewing machine. It looked strange by today’s standards, but it worked. Indeed, it would produce as many stitches as five expert hand sewers, and it never got tired. As part of the industrial revolution, the sewing machine became a vital tool of production. Unlike many machines used in big factories, however, the sewing machine became a hit with cottage industry and the home. By the mid 1980’s, the sewing machine became a must have appliance for the home.

For over 100 years, the sewing machine with a single stitch capability dominated the market. Not until 1950, was the first home zig zag machine first introduced. Since then, almost yearly, sewing machine companies have introduced amazing new innovations. Wonderful convenience features, smoother operations, greater dependability, and hundreds of new stitch capabilities. Some current models boast over 1,000 stitches with up to 9 millimeter stitch width and long long basting stitches. It is truly amazing how the sewing machine has developed.

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With the arrival of the modern sewing machine, sewing itself has undergone huge changes. What use to be difficult sweat producing work fraught with endless frustrations, has evolved into the world’s greatest hobby. Sewing today is filled with amazing possibilities and almost unlimited potential for creative expression.

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