You once may have believed that searching for belts isn’t as thrilling as buying a new jacket, an autumn suit, or even a pair of dark-tinted eyeglasses. After all, those other pieces have main-character appeal, while the belt is generally always a supporting character in your ensemble.

But, although it may appear boring to many, choosing the best men’s casual belts is well worth your time, consideration, and financial investment. And if you’ve ever destroyed an outfit by choosing the wrong belt, you probably have realised how important belts are to any creative fit concept.

Of course, casual belts for men come in various materials, sizes, buckles, colours, and styles. And because of this, it can be challenging to choose the right one from the myriad of options. So, here are three ways you can look at it:

1. The Right Belt Size

Well, the definition of a perfect belt lies in whether you chose the right belt size. A perfect belt is only perfect if it is the proper size and perfectly fits your waist. So, the most straightforward method for determining the correct size is to try on belts in a store and select the one that fits perfectly. And another option is choosing a belt based on your waist size measurement and adding a few inches to it.

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2. The Right Belt Colour

Well, men’s casual belts, as the name implies, can go with casual attire. But it doesn’t mean that you can randomly pick any colour you want just because you want to.

Instead, always choose a hue that complements your personality while also complementing the clothes you’re wearing. For example, if you’re the type of guy who wears black shoes because they go with everything, you should also complement them with a black belt.

Meanwhile, if you prefer brown shoes, the belt picking process can be a little more difficult. And while it’s easy to match black for black, there are about 50 variations of the brown colour. So, to help you with colour matching, you can also bring your shoes in to the store with you, as matching browns by memory are impossible.

Of course, you can go for a unique approach and be all-in on a dramatic style by wearing a belt with a contrasting hue. But, take note to have at least one or two neutral-coloured belts on hand, as they go with almost any outfit.

3. The Right Belt Type

Now that you’ve learned about sizing and colour, it’s time for you to choose a style that best suits your outfit and needs.

  • Casual Leather Belt: Casual leather belts are thicker and duller than the classic belt. It’ll look great along with your favourite pair of jeans, shorts, or chinos, and you can also pair these with a pair of brown leather loafers, boat shoes, chukkas, or boots for a relaxed look.
  • Casual Fabric Belt: Tennis shoes, trendy sneakers, sandals, and flip flops look great with fabric belts. These belts, which range from braided cotton to suede to pattern, don’t have to “match”, as they will surely go with your outfit.

Belts used to be strictly a practical accessory. But over the years, it has grown to be one of the essential decorative accessories available for men. And once you realise how important it is to invest time and money in casual belts, the possibility of getting a new one will excite you rather than bore you.

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