Renovations are all the rage in Australia as more people can access the variety of decor and renovations possible in their neighbourhoods. People in Australia are into DIY renovations with the innumerable DIY decor available online. Recently, Australia’s approved renovations crossed the one billion mark, the highest ever number in a long while. While there are several DIY renovation options, certain services require professional help. One of the recent trends is epoxy flooring in Sunshine Coast, NSW, and other parts of Australia. Epoxy flooring comes in limitless designs and colour combinations, making it the default choice for warehouses and other commercial buildings. But residential buildings can also incorporate epoxy resin flooring effortlessly while adding a zest of colour to their homes or rooms. Besides the floor, people can bring innovation in various parts of their homes and offices without overextending their wallets.


From the roof to the floor, Aussies show enthusiasm in experimenting with their renovations inside and outside their houses. The residential renovation sector is at the forefront, with more people working from home and looking to redecorate their homes. When people went to the office every day, they spent less time at home, not allowing them to focus on their interior decor. But with more people staying indoors, they now have ample time to focus on their house’s maintenance and decor needs. As they spend more time at home, they find spending a little extra on interior renovations a worthy expense.

The Home Office

The “work-from-home” culture looks like it is here to stay as more people are adding office space in their homes to focus better on their work. The home office is a small space with dedicated storage space, a desk and chair, and decor. People living in small apartments might find it hard to incorporate a home office, but they can still opt for a room divider and split their space into a home office. Room dividers come in various styles today with storage on them, like shelves and drawers. The room dividers also have wheels for effortless movement and positioning. People can also add a hatch to their walls to hide the room divider when not in use. It is advisable to enlist professional workers to install a room divider for quality work and longevity.

Renovating Roofs

Another fast catching trend is roof renovation, which transforms roofs into functional spaces, like gardens or pool decks. People renovate the exteriors of their homes to make the building roof accessible, adding elements like wood flooring, firepits, and more. There are unlimited roof renovation designs available for people who want to add an extra room or space to their homes and offices. People can transform roofs into outdoor gyms, party areas or add a canopy for the perfect home camping experience.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy terrazzo flooring is a unique option for those wanting to bring some colour into their interiors. There are several types of epoxy flooring, but the terrazzo offers the most colour. Epoxy flooring requires minimal maintenance and is one of the most budget-friendly flooring options as people only have to apply an epoxy resin coating on a concrete floor. Without any tiles, the flooring cost lessens considerably, allowing people to have new flooring at affordable prices. People should hire professionals to lay their epoxy flooring to ensure smooth application and quality output.

People in Australia spent an average of 76,000 AUD in the past year on renovations. This collective amount reflects the increasing interest in renovations, as more budget-friendly options are available. From epoxy flooring in Sunshine Coast to Canopy Roofs in Gold Coast, Australians’ choices of renovation and decor is vaster than before.


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