If you love watching Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi movies then you should definitely know about some of the amazing websites offering free online movie downloads. The site has some of the most amazing features along with being one of the most popular websites on the net. A lot of internet users from different parts of the world visit this site quite often. They get enthralled by the fantastic pictures and the amazing audio songs that are available here. They can enjoy their time here leisurely while enjoying their favorite movies in a good way.

The BMovies site attracts many fans of all ages who love watching Indian and British movies and even some Korean and Japanese movies. The site provides the user with many options to download and watch as many movies as they like. Many of the recent releases have been released by some of the most popular directors like Yash Raj Films and Sreekanth. The site has some of the best comedy movies, most popular family movies, horror movies, action and drama movies and many other movies that you can find absolutely anything you want here.

The BMovies membership comes absolutely free of cost along with the access to all the movies and other entertainment options that the site provides. All the movies are released through the Apk application which is supported by all the popular Smartphone and smart phone devices. You can simply download the apk and install it on your smartphone to be on your way to enjoying the amusement and fun. The movies can be watched directly from the BMovies website or you can also download them onto your computer and play them directly from there. There are several versions of the BMovies including the small sized one-week pass, the six-month pass, the annual pass and the premium full-access pass that allows you to enjoy the movie absolutely for life without having to pay ever again.

The BMovies site provides the user with all the necessary information on every aspect of this piracy site. It lists down the various genres of the movies, actors and actresses, film reviews, trailers and TV shows that are available on this site. You can also get detailed information about the TV shows such as what episodes are coming up on which channel, when will be airing them and in what part of the world they air them. It lists down all the current Top 100 movies in India along with their trailers. This gives the users an opportunity to know what kind of movies are in and what kind of actor/actress they are related to.

All the top brass of the cinema industry have made a beeline to this site in order to promote their upcoming movies or TV shows. Recently in an interview on the BMovies website, the National Film Board of India (NFB) had told that it would be taking strong measures against those who were indulging in uploading pirated movies on the popular online sharing portals. Earlier, when approached by BMovies, the NFB had threatened the users of these portals that they would block the access to the BMovies website. However, with the efforts being put by the authorities on stopping the illegal distribution of movies on the internet, the number of users getting access to the BMovies site has increased manifolds.

The online release of BMovies is mainly done in two major categories. The first category is that of the seasonal sports TV shows and the second category is that of the movie genres. There are many popular movie genres available for the users such as action, comedy, drama, horror, martial arts, science fiction, thriller and war movies. So, if you are looking to access a movie that is based on any particular genre, all you need to do is go through the list on the BMovies site and select the movie that you want to watch from the ones on the list that you like. Accessing this site is truly worth a try.


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