There is no better way to improve the quality of your writing, other than blogging. College students are always looking for a way to earn extra to keep up with their monthly expenses. We all know how exorbitant can college education be. The best solution is to practice your academic writing on inexpensive or free platforms such as Blogger. You don’t even have to spend money to buy a domain. Since Blogger is a Google product it is completely free to create an account, and write and publish content. If you sign up for an AdSense account, you will be able to monetize your blog and can earn a good amount.

Significance of starting to write blogs

  1. Blogging provides an opportunity to be expressive of your thoughts and ideas and promote creativity.
  2. It broadens the knowledge base, critical thinking, and enhances analytical skills.
  3. Writing a blog can boost learning, socializing, and communicative skills.
  4. It helps in strengthening your debate, discussion, and delivering ideas.
  5. No wonder it can improve your typing speed as well as accuracy speed.
  6. You can grow confidence by inviting feedback. Appreciative comments can motivate you to keep writing, and suggestive comments can be a means of your improvement.
  7. It will bind you with technology and trends for good.

Tips before choosing a blog niche

1. Consider writing on the topics of your interest

You must write on the niche that you have ample knowledge of. If you have an interest in that particular area, you will automatically spend more time researching and supporting the accuracy of the information. According to, any piece that’s written out your experience will make the content interesting and easy to understand.

2. Know your audience

You should be clear about the preference of your target audience. Suppose you aim to write only for college goers, but out of 10 blog posts 3 of your topics are about parenting and elderly pensions. For sure your readers will skip those corners no matter how elite your content is. Therefore, write according to the popularity of the genre among your target segment.

3. Pick a smaller nook

If you are intended to earn from blogging and solicit more views, it is recommended by professional research paper writers that you write in a less competitive niche. If you write eminently on a topic with lesser search results, then you are likely to appear on the first page of Google.

10 Key elements of notice to write an engaging blog content

  1. Choose a writing platform matching your requirements. Be definite about what you want to achieve once you publish your content. Do you want to create a buzz, generate leads, drive visitors, allow commenting, or spark engagement? Research well before starting to write.
  2. Give a little time and brainstorm to come up with a fine snappy title.
  3. The next part is a captivating opening statement. Write a hook that can grab the attention of your readers and make them curious to keep on reading till the end.
  4. Ensure to write short paragraphs. If you are not writing a story or an essay then break your ideas into bullet points. Bold the subheadings and highlight important words and phrases. Often readers just surf through the subheadings and bolded points, and skip the description underneath maybe due to lack of time.
  5. You don’t want to fall far behind in the search results. A research conducted by the writers from penmypaper says that majority of the people don’t scroll after the 3rd page of any search engine. Therefore, to make a position into the first 2 pages without paying price for ads you must focus on improving your SEO score.
  6. Interlinking your different posts is also important for your SEO score. Hyperlink keywords to your other blog posts.
  7. Add at least one visual element to your textual content like a related image, presentation, short video, infographics, or statistical charts.
  8. Be precise of the length of each article. Do not make a page lengthy and wordy.
  9. The display should be eye pleasing. For that, you should keep the font and color schemes soothing and simple. Avoid too many animations to distract readers.
  10. Always proofread before publishing to avoid any sort of grammatical or contextual mistakes.

We hope this article enlightened you with blogging and helped you find your interest in writing. It will definitely improve your skill set. Please share the tips with your friends.


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