Spruce up your living space in the best ways possible. Whether you want to renovate your old home or design your new space, you always need to do a bit of research. Everyone wants the best for their home. The idea of returning back every day to a beautiful home is indeed one of the best feelings ever. Home renovation doesn’t always have to involve major changes. Sometimes a few alterations can produce good results and give a new perspective to your home. Your home is an extension of your personality so the way you decorate it is totally up to you. The key to revamping your home within your budget is by planning the entire process effectively. Here are a few ways you can refurbish a beautiful yet comfortable space, you can proudly call home.

Kitchens and Storage

The renovation comes with a lot of decluttering and ensuring you have enough storage in your kitchen and living area. Elevate your kitchen with smart kitchen ideas that will give you a dreamy upgrade. Change/ Paint your kitchen cabinets, and buy a new set of kitchen appliances like mixer grinders, juicers, food processors, and stainless steel storage jars. Stack your kitchen with essential tools like a wok, a grill pan, and insulated casseroles for making easy and quick recipes. Invest in insulated tumblers to enjoy your hot cup of tea/coffee while reading or relaxing that will keep your drink warm for hours. Add decorative storage bins to store items like throw pillows, blankets, electronics, cushions, and more.


Breathe life into your home with new furniture. Buy cozy sofas, beautiful graphite tables, and chairs. Go for calming pastel colors or colorful hues. Adding woody furniture will give your living area a classy yet elegant look. Placing good quality furniture in every room is essential for spicing up the look and functionality of the room. Incorporating furniture gives dimension, and elements, and balances the look of your home. You may even upcycle some old furniture pieces, giving a piece of furniture a new life.

Good Lighting

The best kind of lighting comes from natural light itself. However, by lighting upgrades, you can make your space more bright and inviting. Good lighting in every part of your home is essential be it the drawing room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. You can add beautiful chandeliers in the entryway, LED lighting in your room, layered lighting with dimmable bulbs, or string lights in your living area. You can add table lamps by your bedside, for some extra lighting at night when you indulge in light reading or tasks to reduce eye strain.


Incorporating smart technology will help to build security, and helps you use your home to its full potential. Virtual home assistants like Amazon Alexa help you put alarms, set reminders, and keep track of important dates and events. You don’t have to look up on your phone when your hands are busy with smart virtual assistants, you can simply ask for help regarding the weather, time, and various other information. You can also install other forms of tech when it comes to CCTV cameras, doorbells, and home locks all of which can be controlled and checked from your phone. As online shopping is booming, getting the latest electronics and gadgets has become easier. With stores like Amazon and Noon housing an array of gadgets, you can buy anything that you want. Moreover, online shopping also gives you the benefits of discount codes like Amazon promo code and Noon coupon using which you can avail discounts on your only shopping spree.

House Plants

Add indoor plants to your home to add much freshness and beauty to your home. Houseplants are easy to maintain and can be added to any space. Taking care of them may even improve your mood, help you to de-stress, and lower anxiety. Green, low-maintenance plants like Boston ferns, snake plants, and cactuses can easily blend into the decorative space of any home. Keeping plants indoors helps with good ventilation and keeps the gloom away.



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