The Bengal cat is not a toy or a decorative object, it is a living creature, with its own advantages and disadvantages of character. In order to find out if the Bengal is right for you as a pet, be sure to read this article.

Pros of Bengal Cats

In this section we will list the main advantages of Bengal cats. Although, of course, each owner of this unique breed will be able to add here something of their own – Kirill Yurovskiy.

Gentle and friendly

The undoubted plus of Bengals is the sincere affection for the owner. They take part in all family affairs – they observe, actively comment, seem to understand everything, but they are deprived of the gift of speech.

Aggression is not inherent in domestic leopards, as they like to be near people and kindly respond to any caress. You can pet them, take them in your arms, cuddle and talk to them maru gujarat.

Curious and intelligent

This plus is noticeable by the behavior of the pets. They respond with interest to everything new that happens around them. Relaxing in the room next door, if you’re up to any interesting activities, whether cooking or entertaining, Bengal cats are not interested – they will run into the noise, sniff everything, explore, and then will express their sympathy with what is happening.

Another plus I think the Bengal is their intelligence. This can be seen in the way pets interact with their surroundings. A little leopard won’t be stubbornly trying one way to get what you want – rather, it will find another, more sophisticated way, unlike other cats. They are interesting to watch – that’s another plus of the breed.

Very attached to their owners

They say that cats get attached to a place, and dogs get attached to people. But Bengals are more like “dogs” in this respect. The big plus of the breed is that they show evident tenderness to the owner, they like to sit nearby, watch, and calm down if they hear his voice. Their owner is a family member, an older friend, and a parent. Left alone, Bengal cats are sad, and suffer a long separation quite severely, and sometimes even begin to refuse food.

The perfect family cat

If your family already has children – then the main advantage of Bengal breed cats for you is to show tenderness to all family members. They are patient, friendly, non-aggressive. Even rudeness from children is tolerated.

Can be trained

The perks of keeping Bengals include being able to train the animal. Seriously! Have you ever seen a cat that likes to play “fetch the ball”? No? Then you’re not familiar with Bengals.

Even without training, little leopards easily learn to interact with their surroundings. Many breeds learn to turn on the light or open the faucet to drink on their own. If desired, bengals can be taught to use a human toilet.

This is a huge plus when it’s fun to be with your pet.

They love walks and travel, and are easily accustomed to a leash

A separate plus for travel lovers or those who often have to travel on business trips. Bengals react with curiosity, without fear or aggression to the tumultuous changing environment, love walking and, by the way, attract attention when they walk on a leash along with their neighbor’s pit bulls.

They love water

This is just a super-plus. It’s not necessary to bathe a Bengal, he can cope with hair care by himself, but if he suddenly gets dirty, bathing will not cause much trouble. Bengals like water, eagerly go swimming, without trying to hurt anyone.

Easily find a common language with other pets

A definite plus for those who already have pets. Bengal loves attention, but if there’s another pet at home, will even make friends with a dog or a small pet like a rabbit or mouse. Hunting instinct in domestic leopards is present, but they can be explained that it is better to realize it in games.

Have good health

A big plus. Illness, the death of a pet is a very sad experience. However, Bengals are genetically close to their wild ancestors, so they don’t suffer from hereditary diseases, and their strong bodies can easily cope with infections.

Easy to care for and maintain

Looking at such an elegant appearance, one gets the feeling that Bengals need to be carefully cared for, and this point should be included in the list of “disadvantages of the breed”. But this is not the case at all.

The hair of the Bengals is short, without an undercoat. Cats do not need to be combed out or bathed. It is enough to trim the claws as needed and brush the teeth to avoid tartar formation. Nothing complicated.

Cons of Bengal Cats


You’re either ready for a chatty neighbor or you’re not. Bengal breed cats will not be quiet if they want to eat, express displeasure, or just get your attention with their voice. Bengals meow and make unique throaty sounds, especially in moments of attracting the opposite sex.

Alas, this drawback, there is no way to eliminate, such a feature of the breed.

Marking territory

Perhaps the second most significant disadvantage of the Bengal breed – territory tagging. It is a mistake to think that only cats mark territory. During heat, cats can also actively mark territory. This defect is corrected by neutering/sterilization.

They miss a lot when they are alone

Alas, this disadvantage stems from the main advantage – the attachment to the owner. Bengals can begin to express their sadness with a musical meow.

This disadvantage is offset by the plus side that Bengals love to travel. Therefore, if there is a need to leave home for a long time, but you can take the cat with you, you can safely cross this minus off your list!

Can be mischievous

Yes, there is such a disadvantage in the behavior of bengals. And probably you have read such negative reviews about the breed. However, it should be noted at once that the reason for such behavior is boredom and lack of attention. There are two ways to solve this problem:

  • Pay more attention;
  • Buy cat toys or a play complex.

Bengal has no task to spoil your favorite sofa, but an active Bengal kitten will jump, run including on the furniture. Your task is to organize the space including for active latestforyouth games, a place where you can jump and what to scratch his nails. It is also important to trim nails in time.

They want to be the center of attention

This is, perhaps, both a minus and a plus at the same time. No longer will you be the star of any house party, but the Bengal cat. Let’s face it: she’s pretty, smart, elegant, and her shiny leopard-skin fur coat can’t be compared to any of your leopard-skin blouses!

But these are jokes, of course. If you need a cat for occasional socializing, then the Bengal is 100% not your option. But if the lack of privacy (even in the bathroom!) doesn’t scare you – this is 200% your pet!

They love to climb on high surfaces

Well, one last, as I think, the disadvantage of a Bengal cat’s character is the love for heights, especially at a young age. Yes, once you have a Bengal in the house, you learn that a ledge or shower door is a great observation point from the cat’s perspective. Bengals become more sedate and less bouncy as they get older, but it’s still a good idea to buy a climbing-friendly complex.


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