Excellent value for money, limited maintenance, good thermal insulation, choice of colors… PVC shutters offer many advantages. Seduced by the installation of PVC shutters in your house? Ootravaux gives you all the details that will allow you to quantify your project: the price of PVC shutters, price of installation, not to mention the tips for lowering the amount of your estimate.


Factors affecting the price of PVC shutters

There are large price variations from one shutter model to another. The price of PVC shutters depends on several factors.

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The type of shutter: sliding, swinging, rolling, folding. The price of a shutter depends in particular on the system. Swing shutters cost more to buy than folding and roller shutters, but they are cheaper to install. 


Dimensions: the larger the shutters, the more expensive they will be. The price of made-to-measure shutters is also slightly higher. The shape: the price of shutters increases if they are rounded shutters (swing shutters).


The opening mechanism: some opening mechanisms cost less than others. For example, a roller shutter with a direct draft remains very simple, therefore economical. The price of your shutters can increase if you opt for motorization.


The product range: There are big price differences between entry-level shutters and high-end shutters. Some PVC models display high thermal performance, or perfectly imitate wood, and are thus much more expensive than simple white PVC models.


PVC shutter: their price according to the different models

Here are the average prices of shutters according to the models, excluding installation, standard quality, and white. 


Price of casement PVC shutters

PVC shutters can have a swing opening system, these are panels that fold down on the walls of the house. These are the most commonly used types of shutters.


  • For a shutter with 1 leaf in white PVC of H.80 x W.60 cm, count 100 to 200 dollars 

  • For a white model with 2 leaves of H.120 x W.100 cm, count 170 to 270 dollars 

  • For a French window shutter of H.220 x W.80 cm, the price varies between 170 and 320 dollars 


These prices are expressed excluding installation.


Price of PVC roller shutters

The most commonly used model in new buildings, the rolling PVC Shutters Melbourne offers optimal security against burglary. Practical, it also allows you to close your shutters without having to open the window. Rolling PVC shutters with horizontal slats are operated by direct pull, crank, or strap. You can also motorize them.


  • An entry-level roller shutter in white PVC of about H.120 x W.120 cm with a strap costs about 70 dollars 

  • A wireless motorized rolling model in white PVC measuring H.110 x W.100 cm costs around 200 dollars 


Count 160 to 500 dollars on average (1) for an electric PVC roller shutte sheer curtains melbourne for a bay window or French window. Prices do not include the installation of shutters.


Sliding PVC Shutters Prices

Very modern, the sliding PVC shutters bring an aesthetic and very contemporary touch to a facade. Concretely, they require a rail to slide laterally. Excluding installation, the cost of a sliding shutter with 1 leaf varies between 250 and 500 dollars (1). Count 450 to 700 dollars for a 2-leaf model (1).


Folding PVC Shutters Prices

Often reserved for old houses or old buildings, these shutters are used less and less. Alternatives to French shutters, PVC folding shutters fold back on themselves like an accordion. For a folding model of H.120 x W.100 cm, count around 120 dollars, excluding installation (1). As a general rule, count between 100 and 400 dollars (2) for a PVC folding shutter, not including the installation of the shutters.



PVC shutters: the price of their installation

The price of labor when installing your PVC shutters depends on several parameters.


The number of shutters to install: a craftsman can apply a decreasing price if you have several shutters to install.


The type of shutter: a roller shutter is more difficult to install than a swing shutter, especially if it is motorized. The hinged shutters with subframes are very easy to install since there is only the frame to be fixed to the painting.


Craftsman’s prices: craftsmen’s prices vary freely, but they remain higher in Île-de-melbourne than in the provinces. A professional can also apply travel expenses.


New or renovation: the installation will be more expensive if old aluminum, wooden, or PVC Shutters have to be removed, as this will take longer. You should know that a professional in the installation of shutters generally take 50 dollars per hour (2).


The complexity of the installation: certain works increase the amount of your estimate, such as masonry repairs, plaster repair, and cutting one of the shutters. A mason will take for example between 30 and 50 dollars per hour (2) for this type of intervention. Installing shutters on a higher floor also costs more.


PVC shutters: how to lower the price thanks to subsidies?

Here are some tips to reduce the amount of your estimate. Ask for several quotes from craftsmen, to compete and benefit from the best price. Thanks to its platform, Ootravaux can put you in touch with several professionals near you.


When renovating, remove your old PVC, wood, or aluminum shutters yourself to save on labor. Ask for a discount if you buy a number of PVC shutters. A craftsman can also give you a price if your site is large, or if you have recommended clients to him. Take advantage of attractive rates (10 to 15% discount) for your shutters by visiting shows and fairs.


Installing insulated PVC roller shutters can entitle you to financial assistance, as they help save energy. MaPrimeRénov ‘, the zero-rate eco-loan or subsidies from Anah (National Housing Agency) can finance part of your project, subject to conditions. In particular, the work must be carried out by an RGE craftsman (recognized guarantor of the environment).


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