There are a lot of major differences between how a person can recover from a drug or alcohol addiction.

The truth is that the process of recovery is often a lifelong battle and it does not simply end when a person checks out of the treatment center that they end up going to.

With that being said, there is little question that the path to effective and lifelong recovery does typically begin for people at a drug or alcohol treatment center. But what are the typical differences between drug treatment centers and alcohol treatment centers?

Keep reading to get the basic breakdown. You can also contact The Edge Treatment to get more information about substance abuse treatment programs.

Drug treatment centers

The process of detoxing from drugs and recovering is often complex and difficult as patients deal with withdrawal symptoms and then often deal with the mental and physical pain related to trying to regain a sober lifestyle. One of the major differences between drug detox and alcohol detox is that different medical treatment options can help ease the pain and discomfort related to certain kinds of drugs.

Perhaps most notable, methadone is available for people dealing with addictions to certain kinds of drugs, and methadone can help ease both the mental pain and physical pain of the withdrawal and detox process.

Once the detox process has begun to work effectively, the real treatment aspect of drug treatment begins. Whether people are in outpatient or inpatient treatment centers, there will be a great amount of one-on-one as well as group therapy. Patients will learn useful tools to help avoid triggers and overcome cravings. They will learn how to avoid relapse and replace their addiction with healthy and constructive new interests and tools. They will learn to love themselves as sober individuals as opposed to people who are addicted to a drug.

Alcohol treatment centers

Many of the symptoms related to drug detox are quite similar to the detoxification process from alcohol. One symptom that is something of a typical symptom of alcohol withdrawal is known as delirium tremens or DTs. DTs are a kind of hallucination that takes place in individuals that are suffering from very severe alcohol withdrawal. If the person that needs treatment is dealing with severe alcohol dependency, they should be sure to check into a Florida alcohol detox center that is uniquely capable of dealing with DTs and other forms of withdrawal that are related to severe alcoholism.

Once the detox period is over, there is no denying that the process of healing for alcoholics is quite similar to that of drug addicts. People dealing with alcohol dependency will be shown ways to build healthy lifestyles and avoid situations and locations that could trigger a relapse. There is no doubt that once the treatment process is over, the real work begins. The hope is that the lessons and tools a patient learned while at their treatment center will be able to use those once they leave the treatment center and re-enter a more typical lifestyle.


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