Air conditioning technology has come a long way. You now have more options than ever – from portable units for your home to the latest central AC unit with smart features. You can even find those that work silently without you noticing anything at all. And with each passing day, some brands are creating new designs of their already existing products and releasing something totally new altogether. 


With all the new stuff in the air conditioning market, here are six of those that will definitely be worth your time and money:

Variable Speed Compressors

Variable speed compressors aren’t completely new in the market. But it’s an incredible advancement in air conditioning technology that would benefit you a lot. Suppose your air conditioning systems in Advance, NC still uses the fixed-speed compressor. In that case, it’s time to consider switching to an air conditioning unit with a variable speed drive (VSD) compressor. 

Your air conditioning unit will always draw the amount of power required to meet the maximum compressed air demand with a fixed-speed compressor. It won’t care even if the demand is less than max. That’s why your A/C bill is always high.

In contrast, a compressor with a variable speed drive will only draw the exact amount of power that your A/C needs to meet the temperature you set. It avoids energy waste. You’ll likely see a significant decrease in your A/C bills.  

Smart A/C Controllers

If you’re not always at home but wish to have control over your air conditioning unit at all times, a smart A/C controller is for you. With this device, you can control the A/C using an app on your phone instead of a traditional remote. Depending on the smart A/C controller, you can do a lot of things. 

You can find smart A/C controllers in the market that comes with a plethora of incredible features, such as geolocation, weekly scheduling, usage details, air filter status, and a whole lot more. Cool, right? But wait, there’s more! These smart A/C controllers can be integrated with your smart home system so you can command it using your voice. You may also be able to control multiple A/C units from a single app. 


Ask your local air conditioning contractor in Advance, NC if they offer this product or where you can get one.

Movement Sensor Technology

Air conditioning units with movement sensor technology can determine the location and number of occupants in space and adjust the thermostat accordingly. Commercial buildings will benefit from this feature the most, but residential buildings can also take advantage of this technology. 

4D Swing Function

Some brand new air conditioning units feature a 4D swing function. Unlike conventional A/Cs that disseminate cool air in two directions only (up and down), A/Cs with a 4D swing function can blow cooled air in multiple directions. Hence, there will be an even distribution of cooled air inside your room.

Auto-Clean Function

Everyone wants their air conditioning units in Advance, NC to blow not just cool but clean air. And an auto-clean function will allow you to get that. When the auto-clean function is enabled, your A/C’s indoor air blower will work at full speed for a few minutes. This is to eliminate moisture inside your A/C. Therefore, all you’ll get is fresh, clean air from your A/C. Just make sure other components like the air filter also stays clean. Get learn more information

High-Efficiency Filters

To make the air that your A/C blows much cleaner, you can invest in high-efficiency filters. There are several types of high-efficiency filters available in the market. If you want to filter fine air particles generated by cars, burning wood, or oil, use a PM 2.5 air filter. 

You can also filter impurities smaller than PM 2.5 using PM 1 filters. Filters that can get rid of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the air are also available.

When it comes to advance air conditioning features, you have a lot of options. To make sure you get the best A/C (if you’re planning a replacement or brand new installation), know your needs first. Or ask for help from your local air conditioning contractor.

All About Care Heating & Air can help answer your A/C queries and meet your A/C needs. The company offers a wide array of air conditioning services in Advance, NC and nearby communities. Contact the team at 336-771-9000. 



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