Agile software development is renowned for welcoming changes from specific customers and stakeholders in a software development project. The software development services provider aims to gather feedback by developing in phases. In agile software development, a customer’s idea to change the project requirement isn’t viewed as a problem. It’s seen as a contribution to the success of the entire software development project. Agile methodologies lead to the development of software that the customers want in their entities.

This unique methodology of software development is guided by the principle of welcoming change. Agility in technology advocates for customer collaboration instead of contract negotiation and responding to change other than following a plan. To succeed in a software development project, this principle must be applied from the beginning. It is advisable for business people in bespoke software development companies to follow the principles of agile software development. A developer who provides bespoke software should inform the customers of the nature of an agile software development project. The contract you sign should be compatible with this methodology.

Customers who are less conversant with software development expect a simple negotiation process with the developers. The customer should be given adequate time to explain their software needs. Software developers should agree on charges and the project completion dates with the client. A software development company that challenges the customer’s expectations makes them uncomfortable. This way, a company might end up losing a business opportunity. Once the client and the customer get into a binding agreement, the customer expects that the software created will solve their problems by the release date.

Avoiding a customer’s feedback and suggestion for changes is close to unavoidable. The best thing is to allow the client to give their feedback before the release date. If there are necessary changes, you can implement them immediately to ensure that the customer will get the software on the promised date.

Unfortunately, some software development companies find it hard to welcome such changes. In most cases, these changes cause friction between the two parties – the developer and the client. The developers will argue that the change wasn’t included in the contract but the customer considers them necessary. At this point, you can negotiate for additional payment and sign another contract. On the other hand, the company can implement these changes for free if it values customer satisfaction and maintenance. However, if you aren’t keen on these changes, you are likely to make losses on projects that need considerable changes. Unless you are fast to complete the initial contact before the agreed date, changes will lead to delayed projects.

To avoid disagreements between the developer and the client, the company should be agile in its software development projects. This calls for interaction with the client to get feedback along the development process. Failure to do so will make the clients see the change as “an extra expense” when they come to the end of the project. Time will be wasted in the fresh negotiations and implementation of changes in a completed project. The benefits agile approach cannot be disputed because it always works perfectly if adopted from the beginning.

The best way to go about it is to break down the development process into several phases. This should be done and included in the contract agreement. This will allow the customers to present their needs freely without mounting pressure on the software development team. At this level, the client is positive about everything. You should the client to access the work progress and suggest changes at every stage of software development. Doing so makes the customers appreciate the process and feel proud to make their contribution.

Sometimes, the phased software development approach may create issues. When the client proposes changes after a certain phase, it means the developer will have to plan afresh for the remaining phases. The changes will affect the delivery time. Again, they will raise the need to create new contracts for the remaining phases. A lot of professionalism is required to have a successful interactive fashion of software development.

As you set the customer expectations for any project, you should factor in the principles of agile software development. You need to explain to your customers the benefits of using this methodology. During this process, the developer shall challenge the following customer expectations:

  1. That the client already knows exactly what they want. Try to advise them while factoring in their ideas or suggestions.
  2. That the customers are certain of what to get at the end of the software development
  3. That it’s the exclusive responsibility of the software development company to make the project successful.

To do it successfully, let the customers learn about the following benefits of agile software development:

  1. It allows customers to change their minds whenever they want.
  2. The changes they suggest will be implemented with minimal overheads.
  3. It takes a short period to implement the changes to their custom software.
  4. The customer is directly involved in the software development process to make their contributions.
  5. The software you shall create with interaction will meet all their needs on the release date.

A compatible contract may not state any details of the project plan and the success criteria are gauged on the advanced level requirements of a project.

Final Thoughts.

Having gone through this article, we hope that you understand the benefits of adopting agile software development to both the client and the developer. Though it might sound costly and demanding, it eliminates the chances of conflict at the end of the project.

When making a contract with any software development company, the customer should clearly understand the terms and conditions of service. The agreement should indicate all the applicable charges as well as the meeting periods. If for example, the first phase should take two weeks, you should meet after that time to discuss the progress and suggest any changes before the developer moves to the next phase.

While the software is being developed, both the developing company and the client should be open to changes in the business environment and trends. These can make it necessary to change the original plan of the software to accommodate the industry change. This can be suggested by the developer even when the client isn’t informed. Software development is a creative process and should always consider welcoming changes.

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