There are many aircon servicing companies in Singapore, so you might be confused which one to pick. But don’t worry! Once you know the right factors to consider, you’ll be able to find a suitable aircon servicing company easily.

1) Learn what kind of service your ac needs

Many homeowners are not aware that there are different types of service needed for different kinds of home appliances. For example, if your washing machine is having trouble with its water intake or drainage systems, it doesn’t make sense to spend money on changing the belt because the problem lies elsewhere. The same thing applies for selecting an ac maintenance company. By knowing which problems your ac is having, you can narrow down the options to find a professional who will know how to solve that problem.

2) The total cost of ownership

Before deciding on which aircon servicing company to choose, it’s vital for homeowners to know the factors that affect the total cost of ownership when they are using an ac. For example, there are many kinds of air conditioners found in Singapore homes today. Some have inverters while others don’t. Some are just single speed ACs while others have dual-speed ACs with two compressors working together or separately depending on requirements. These differences affect how much electricity your home appliances use and can cause them to malfunction more frequently because different parts in the system require almost zero load when they are not required.

3) Energy efficiency and environmental impact

It’s best to know whether the company you’re hiring has a focus on energy-efficiency and environmental protection before deciding to hire them. There are companies that select their parts based on how they can consume less electricity but most likely they will be more expensive than the ordinary ones that most homeowners use today. If your choice is such a company, it’s important to mention this factor when negotiating with them because extra costs might incur if they have to change certain parts of the system so that it has energy saving properties even though those parts were working perfectly fine originally.

4) The warranty provided by the company

You’ll need an ac maintenance company like who will fix any problem found in your system with minimal costs to you. There are some companies who provide the parts only warranty and others who provide a labor-only warranty for their parts. This is important because if something goes wrong after a few years, you’ll be able to claim from them easily instead of going through the hassles of claiming from two different firms. For example, it’s best to choose companies that give warranty for minimum 5 years for their parts because it costs almost the same as extending the warranty from 1 year which is usually free.

5) Personal recommendations

Perhaps the easiest way of finding a good ac maintenance service provider in Singapore is through personal recommendations. Most probably, your friends and family have used such services before so it’s best to ask them which service provider they used and if they are satisfied with the type of services that they have received. The same thing applies for online reviews. Most companies nowadays have accounts on popular review sites such as Google business page, Facebook business page, measured up etc. where people looking for services can find their reviews.


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