Products for cleaning can be divided into two main groups. The first group is those that contain various oils. alcohol derivatives Glycol is a constituent. We call this group emollient- base cleanser (emollient- base cleanser), and the second group is a group that contains cleansing agents, similar to facial foam โฟมล้างหน้า in soap, we call this group as detergent base. Cleanser (detergent-base cleanser)

The first group, the emollient base cleanser that we see in our daily life. It is often used to wash off makeup more. Sometimes we may call it Makeup remover (make-up remover), which is usually after removing makeup. We usually follow with soap or facial foam โฟมล้างหน้า. Because this first group of substances may leave a sticky feeling, leave stains or discomfort on the skin. There are about 5 types that we are familiar with:

  1. Lotion to wipe make-up (cleansing water) almost does not contain oil (oil-free), which this type of product is not greasy. Oily skin people can use it well. or suitable for people with light makeup
  2. Cleansing oil: Most of the ingredients are mineral water or mineral oil (also known as paraffinum liquidum) and an emulsifier to help make it easier to wash off. Unlike baby oil, which contains only minerals Therefore, it may be more difficult to wash out. In most cases, you will need to wash your face repeatedly. People with heavy makeup should use this type of product.
  3. Milk Lotion (emulsion or milk cleanser) Emulsion usually has a texture similar to a liquid lotion to thicken. which is caused by the combination of water and oil There is a binder to make water and oil together to form a texture similar to normal milk. Many people will misunderstand that it is mixed with milk, no (unless some brands say that it is mixed with milk). This type of product can be used by normal to dry skin people. But if your skin may feel a bit greasy.
  4. Cream or balm to remove makeup (cleansing cream or balm) looks similar to number 3, but the texture is thicker. Some brands are thick and greasy. This usually contains a mixture of mineral oil or bee wax mostly. Therefore, it is suitable for people with normal to very dry skin.
  5. Two-phase makeup remover products (dual phase cleanser) products of this type are often separated into 2 layers for us to see. (water and oil), which is often used to remove make-up around the eyes and lips Before using, we should turn the bottle back and forth to mix the water and oil. Then quickly drop the cotton pad until it is soaked. and can be wiped repeatedly until it is completely removed

The first group of products is often used as the first step before washing the face. Ingredients are often designed to wash away grease. Dirt that foam or general soap cannot be washed. Which whether we use cotton or gauze moistened to wipe. You have to wipe until there are no stains left. will begin to wash the face in the next step As for washing your face, you usually use a “second group” (with cold or lukewarm water).

Tip : Working-middle-aged

This is the age that begins to enter into adulthood. Having to take responsibility for various loads and duties, stress can be a major factor in skin deterioration. Must be social and may drink some alcohol or may be smoking. They may eat unhealthy food or indulge in too much.

Skin problems in working age – middle age

There are some sporadic acne problems.

Problems with freckles due to the influence of hormones, genetics, certain drugs (eg birth control pills), allergic to perfume in cosmetics. and continuous exposure to sunlight It is best to consult your doctor.

The problem of premature aging When neglecting to apply sunscreen, the results will begin to occur during this age. clearly shown around the corners of the mouth Therefore, you should apply sunscreen regularly and nourish your skin on a daily basis.

Cosmetics suitable for working skin – middle age.

General skin care

For skin care, choose the texture of the recommended nourishing cream according to your skin type as mentioned above.

Contains a mixture of natural extracts from various plants. Each brand has different types of plants as protagonists. Can’t tell which plants are the best. Have to try it yourself

Contains a mixture of vitamins to nourish the skin to be strong, such as vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.

Contains anti-aging ingredients

It contains a mixture of vitamins for skin whitening, such as vitamin B3 and vitamin C.

Do not forget to apply sunscreen every time before going out in the sun.

Acne and blemishes

Cosmetics that can reduce melasma should contain several of these substances to enhance each other’s efficacy: transamic acid, potassium, aceloyl diglycinate, alpha-arbutin, vitamin C, and vitamins. B3 including ACE To help exfoliate the epidermis and allow the substances mentioned earlier to penetrate better. If used for 1-2 months, it does not improve. Please consult your doctor immediately. Do not delay, as it may spread.

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