Everyone knows that Australia’s famed coastline is 60,000 kilometres of unparalleled wonder. The coastline is also home to over 12,000 beaches, including Manly Beach and Bondi Beach.

So, is it even a trip if you don’t visit the glorious beaches Down Under? And as you pack your suitcases, don’t forget to throw in a couple of beach towels, as they can come in handy. Meanwhile, if you want to buy one, here’s a guide to buying the best beach towels in Australia. Comfort, style and durability: you can have it all!

Signs of a Great Beach Towel

If you want to carry the perfect beach towel on your Australian Beach adventure, make sure that it is comfortable, can absorb water, and is of the right thickness. And this section will explain why it is essential to buy a beach towel that checks these boxes.

1. Absorbability

The primary function of a beach towel is to keep you dry; it is going to be of little use if it cannot absorb water properly. Also, beach towels with low absorption levels can take ages to dry. And, the last thing you’d want is fine beach sand sticking to your towel as if it’s glued on. Plus, beaches can be very uncomfortable if you don’t have a good towel to dry yourself.

2. Comfortable

You might want to soak in the sunshine while lying on your towel, or you might prefer a stroll across the beach with the towel wrapped around your waist. Whatever the case, the bottom line is this: it needs to be comfortable. And that is why it is good to be picky about the material. While cotton is a fantastic choice, high-quality towels of other materials also make the cut.

3. Less Thickness

Between countless lotion bottles, sunscreen tubes, sunglass pairs and beach hats, you’ll hardly be left with space for other things. And, you wouldn’t want your super thick beach towel making matters worse.

Not only do thick towels take up extra space, but they also take longer to dry. And, don’t forget the nightmare you’ll endure before you can shake all the sand off the towel. So, in short, opt for beach towels that aren’t too thick and bulky.

4. The Ideal Size

Of course. You wouldn’t want to explore a beach in a towel that covers you entirely from head to toe. Similarly, a towel that’s too small won’t do you any good either. That’s why you should choose an appropriately sized beach towel. And if you’re looking for a reference, the dimensions of a standard beach towel are 30 inches by 60 inches.

5. Colour and Design

Dark colours absorb heat, while light colours, not so much. So, you would want to steer clear of colours like black, grey, brown, etc. At the same time, towels that come in too-light shades can be hard to maintain. So, it would be best to stay on the middle ground and pick neutral shades. Meanwhile, who doesn’t love trendy designs on their beach towel? So, choose a towel with a design that resonates with you the most.

While searching for a beach towel that fits your requirement, don’t let the price range fall out of sight. Sure, beach towels are essential. But you need not spend more than what’s necessary, even if it’s the best beach towels in Australia. So, choose a comfortable beach towel with high absorption properties of the ideal size and thickness and has a trendy design. And, you’re all set for your Australian Beach sojourn.

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