You don’t need your spouse’s consent to get divorced in Minnesota. It is a no-fault state, where it is enough to state that the marriage has “irretrievably broken down”. In this post, we are sharing the common mistakes that you must avoid in your divorce. If your communication has hit a wall, it may be a good idea to attempt couples therapy Melbourne couples have found useful for re-connecting before it come to separation or divorce.

  1. Not hiring a lawyer. You need to hire a dependable and known Rochester divorce attorney – Period. A DIY divorce may sound easy and cheap on paper, but you could end up making mistakes that would eventually cost more. Get an experienced family law attorney on your side to know your legal rights and options. 
  2. Making kids a point of the battle. Kids are usually the collateral damage in a divorce, and you may want to avoid that. Don’t say wrong things about your spouse, and keep the arguments private. Kids are super smart and can understand certain things, which can ruin their idea of an ideal family and marriage. 
  3. Acting in anger or guilt. People often forget that a divorce is a legal process. While it is okay to feel certain emotions, you cannot make decisions based on what you feel. This is also why you need to have an attorney who can advise you on the key matters and protect you from making impulsive decisions. 
  4. Dating immediately. Legally speaking, no one can stop you from dating someone, but it isn’t the most advisable thing to do, especially when the divorce proceedings are underway. You may want to wait or keep things private for a while. 
  5. Not planning financially. Your divorce will have financial implications, and while you could be entitled to spousal support, you may still have to deal with money matters. Make sure that you have planned the divorce in a way that you can continue with your life. 
  6. Trashing your ex on social media. You hate your spouse – we get it. However, your social media is not the place to discuss the divorce. You need to calm down and be more open to communication to resolve key matters like child support, child custody, alimony, and property distribution. 
  7. Not being honest with your lawyer. Ensure that you are not secretive with your attorney. For instance, if you believe that you can hide some of your assets from the divorce proceedings, you could be wrong. Your lawyer is your first and most important source of advice. 

Call an attorney now for immediate divorce counseling. 


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