SMS (text message) marketing has been around in its current form since the 1990s. But, it’s only recently that it’s gained more widespread attention. That’s because with the rise of smartphones and mobile devices, SMS marketing is a compelling way to reach customers on-the-go. It also complements other forms of digital marketing like email, social media, and SEO. With this information in mind, we have compiled a list of 5

strategies for marketing your accounting firm with SMS sending. SMS marketing for accountants is a great way to reach your customers.  

How SMS marketing works

SMS marketing is a convenient and effective way to reach your customers. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with your current clients. You can use SMS marketing service to send short, simple messages about the latest products or promotions.

There are two basic types of SMS campaigns: automated and triggered. Automated campaigns are set up beforehand and sent when a subscriber has clicked on a link or made an inquiry on the company website. Triggered campaigns, on the other hand, are sent in response to customer activity. For example, if someone fills out a form requesting more information about your services, they may be contacted by text message with that specific information

 Why SMS marketing is beneficial for your accounting firm

*It’s a simple way to reach customers

One of the major benefits of SMS marketing is that it’s an easy way to reach your customers. This is especially true for younger generations, who are increasingly using their smartphones as their primary source of information.  In fact, 43% of millennials say they use their smartphone as their primary source of news. So, with SMS marketing you can reach your customer without them even realizing it.  You don’t have to send out a mass email or create a three-minute video just to let them know about your latest product or service. Instead, you can text them at the time and place that works best for them.

*SMS marketing helps keep costs down

SMS marketing is also cost-effective because it doesn’t require any complicated setup process like other forms of digital marketing do. You don’t need to think about designing ads or creating content for a website. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience in web design either – all you need to get started with SMS sending is an account from your mobile provider and a texting app (like WhatsApp). This means that there are virtually no start-up costs involved, which makes it perfect for small businesses on a budget!

*It has higher engagement rates

According to one study, SMS marketing has an average open rate of 98%. And because it’s quick and convenient when delivered right to someone’s phone, recipients are 15%


The 5 strategies for marketing your accounting firm with SMS sending

The first strategy is to create compelling SMS content. This means using concise and punchy phrases to get your message across. The second way is to use the right tone. You want your text messages to come across as friendly, inviting, and helpful. The third tip is to include mobile-friendly links in your texts so that people can access more information about your service if they want it. The fourth strategy is to offer incentives for people who sign up for your SMS list by offering discounts or exclusive offers that are only available through an SMS message. And lastly, you should make sure you have a clear unsubscribe process in place for people who have signed up for your SMS list.


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