If you’re wondering whether to run that best botox near me search online, then the good news is that there are certain signs that you need to look for. That’s precisely what we examine here, as point towards those telltale ageing symptoms that require some cosmetic attention.

Sign #1 – Frown Lines & Forehead Furrows

Typically speaking, the first place you’re going to notice the signs of ageing is between and above the eyebrows and this comes in the form of frown lines and forehead furrows. Botox is great for dealing with unsightly facial lines and wrinkles, so long as they’re what’s known as ‘dynamic’ wrinkles, meaning that they’re created by the movement of the muscles on your face. 

Sign #2 – Smoker’s Lines 

Another reason why a best botox near me search might be a good idea is when smoker’s lines start appearing on your face. Whether you’re a current or ex-smoker, a common side-effect of the habit are fine vertical lines formed by continuously puckering the lips. Botox is useful in this regard, as it’s able to minimise muscle contractions around the mouth. 

Sign #3 – You’ve Got Mild Dynamic Lines

You might also be in need of botox if you’ve developed dynamic lines all over your face. The lines are found around the most commonly used facial muscles. A few botox sessions will eliminate these lines in the most common areas, however, that’s not all they’ll do.

When combined with the regular use of sunscreen and a good skincare routine, botox can actually prevent new lines from forming by restricting muscle movement. 

Sign #4 – You Have ‘Smile’ Lines

Best botox near me queries are also a great idea when you have smile lines. Smile lines are what they sound like, with wrinkles forming around the mouth and next to the eyes – otherwise known as crow’s feet. Again by temporarily disabling muscle movement in these areas, existing lines are eliminated and new ones are prevented. 

Sign #5 – You’re Keen to Stop Lines From Forming

As we’ve mentioned throughout this blog, botox is great for preventing lines from forming in the first place. In fact, the best botox near me options are designed for use on mild to moderate wrinkles, so they represent an effective method for those who’s lines are only just starting to appear.

If you are middle-aged or over, you might find that the wrinkles you have are too pronounced to be suitable for botox. In this case, it might be an idea to speak to a dermatologist or even a plastic surgeon to check whether your skin is sufficiently elastic to benefit from botox injections.

If You’re Ever Unsure, Check With a Professional

Essentially, you don’t need to worry about your suitability to botox when you go to a licensed professional, as they’ll understand the need to assess you prior to having the treatment done. They won’t want an adverse reaction any more than you do, so if it’s not right for you, they’ll tell you. 

So, you’ve really got nothing to lose by checking your suitability with your dermatologist. At the very least, you’ll know whether it’s for you or not.


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