Cold, metallic, and shiny – aluminum certainly does not have a reputation for water bottles. But this material is actually revolutionary in how we carry water around. We have our tumblers, which may be lined with aluminum, as well as our aluminum cooking utensils that we use in our daily food preparation.

Here are top five reasons why aluminum water bottles are better for you and for the environment when compared to plastic water bottles:

1.  Aluminum Water Bottles are Recyclable

Not many people know that aluminum is one of the most well-recycled materials that we have. Recycling aluminum actually uses only 5% of the energy and resources needed to make a product from new, mined aluminum. Recycling aluminum is much easier and safer than mining for new aluminum as well, which has led to 70% of all aluminum being recycled globally.

However, only pure aluminum can be recycled. Aluminum soda cans actually have a plastic liner that coats the inside of the can. This plastic liner makes aluminum soda cans not recyclable in the same way that pure aluminum bottles are recycled.

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2.  Aluminum Water Bottles can be Customized

In the case of water suppliers like My Own Water, aluminum water bottles can be used as promotional tools as they can be customized with the logo of a company or event. Sports events, concerts, and restaurants can customize their aluminum water bottles, and have a unique take on their advertising.

Special labels can be printed to provide consumers with information about the company or event, which translates into better brand recognition at an affordable cost. You can learn more on Crystal Beverage site on how you can apply aluminum water bottles to your business.

3.  Aluminum Water Bottles can Complement Hot and Cold Drinks

Unlike plastic bottles which melt under boiled water, and release harmful chemicals when heated, aluminum water bottles can hold hot and cold drinks without any ill effects. In fact, we’ve been using aluminum in many of our baking and cooking utensils, and aluminum foil has shown great heat resistance when used for baking.

In Asia, many manufacturers of soups, teas, and coffees place their drinks in aluminum containers for easy heating: just boil the opened bottle to heat it before consuming. Aluminum bottles also keep the temperature of its contents longer, which plastic is not a good conductor of.

4.  Aluminum Water Bottles are made from Pure Aluminum

Unlike aluminum soda cans that need their plastic liner to keep the acidic soda from corroding the aluminum, aluminum water bottles are typically plain aluminum since water does not have any acidic properties that may corrode the material.

While there are some aluminum bottles that are manufactured with a plastic liner, it is always best to look for aluminum water bottle suppliers that do not line their bottles with plastic. Always ask about the manufacturing of the aluminum bottle before you make your purchase.

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5.  Aluminum Water Bottles don’t affect your Water Quality

Plastic bottles may leach harmful chemicals into your water, which affects your health without you knowing it. The water bottles that you have need to be stored in cool conditions, and any heat can get the harmful chemicals leaching into the water.

Aluminum water bottles are made pure – so your water quality is as clear, clean, and crisp as the day it was bottled. Aluminum bottles are helpful in situations where you prefer to drink warmed water, or when you want to keep your water cool for a longer period of time. The quality of your water won’t change even after being stored in an aluminum bottle for years.

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