Many offices are not as comfortable as they should be to increase productivity of employees. A big part of this is because the office chairs that most people sit in all day are uncomfortable, and many people slouch sitting in them which contributes to lower back pain and neck pain. Many employers do not realize that how you sit can really affect how efficiently you work. Sitting in a chair with a lower backrest, for example, forces you to sit straighter which means your muscle tension is reduced since it doesn’t have to work as hard trying to maintain your posture.

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1.  Provides support for back and neck :

The human body was not designed to sit hunched over a desk all day. Sitting in comfortable office chairs that keeps you from slouching is actually a more biomechanically efficient way of sitting. This is because leaning too far forward can compress the discs in your spine and cause back pain, while sitting too far back can contribute to chronic neck or upper-back pain. Using an ergonomic chair helps to ensure that your spine has the natural curve it needs in order to sit comfortably, thus preventing stress on your body.

2. Reduces muscle tension :

Reducing muscle tension while sitting is important because it can help you to avoid or prevent RSI or repetitive strain injury. Sitting correctly in an ergonomic office chair can also promote healthy blood circulation throughout your body, so it’s important that you sit with your muscles in a relaxed state all day.

3. Improves body posture :

Using an ergonomic office chair that has a lower backrest will help to keep your spine in a more neutral position, which can prevent chronic pain related to poor posture. Because sitting in an office chair is such a large part of an office workers’ day, good posture is important for their overall health and efficiency of doing their job.

4. Improves blood circulation :

There is a strong connection between blood circulation and how well we stay healthy and perform daily tasks. Using an office chair that has a higher backrest can help to prevent blood pooled in your lower extremities and lower back. This can help with circulation, pain relief, and overall health.

5. Enhances body flexibility :

Using an ergonomic office chair will help to increase your range of motion throughout your spine, hips, shoulders and neck without overstretching. It will also help you to move through each part of your body more effectively by encouraging good posture.


With these 5 benefits in mind, if you want to promote healthy employees and increase the productivity of your office, realize that you should not only have an ergonomic office chair, but also a way to keep your staff from slouching or leaning too far forward in their seat. A good way to do this is with a flexible office chair that can be adjusted to a comfortable height for everyone.

Although all ergonomic chairs will help prevent pain and flexion, it is recommended that you check out all different types of office chairs such as , but especially , chairs before picking one up.


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