Road trips are always a great time, allowing you to bond with your travel mates and see beautiful scenery. Although flying to a location may get you there faster, there’s something very relaxed about taking your time and going on a road trip.

One of the best road trips for east coasters to take is out west, allowing you to travel through the central part of the country before you ultimately get to your destination.

So why should you take a road trip rather than just flying? Here are some reasons why you absolutely need to take a road trip out west. 

The Scenery

A big reason to go on a road trip rather than just take a flight is for the scenery. When you fly to a destination you don’t really see much other than clouds, even if you have a window seat. However, when you’re on a road trip you’ll drive through all sorts of places and towns, allowing you to see a variety of different things.

You might drive through a small town with an extremely unique design, or see naturally beautiful rolling hills. The possibilities are endless, and sometimes road trips are fun just because you get to get out and see parts of the world that you usually would just fly over.

The Attractions

Although you certainly can visit attractions when you take a plane, you can only do so after you land. When you take a road trip, you can see and visit all sorts of attractions along the way, some of which you may have never even planned to visit in the first place.

You never really know what you’re going to drive by on a road trip, and having the ability to be spontaneous and visit attractions you see along the way is very liberating. If you want to see a variety of attractions you never expected, then a road trip out west would be perfect for you.

The Food

Although the East Coast and Midwest may have some great local dishes, the West Coast also has its fair share of amazing food. The southern part of California and the Four Corners is extremely close to Mexico, resulting in a lot of authentic Mexican food. Here is where you can find some of the best Mexican food in the country, without actually having to move to Mexico. 

Additionally, many areas along the West Coast have easy access to the Pacific, resulting in fresh delicious seafood being available. If that’s not enough, the diverse populations of West Coasts cities have resulted in a variety of cultural enclaves popping up, meaning you can find just about any type of cuisine in a West Coast city. 

The Cities

One of the biggest reasons to visit the West Coast is the variety of amazing cities the region has. Cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco are must-visits if you’re heading to California. If you’re heading to the Pacific Northwest, check out cities like Portland and Seattle for a truly unique experience.

Who knows, you may even enjoy the area so much that you’ll start searching for Bellevue houses for sale. Cities on the west coast have a unique identity and great weather, so you definitely should take advantage of the opportunity and visit some of these cities on your trip. 

The Drive

The best part of any road trip is always the drive to the destination, rather than the destination itself. Here you can spend hours with some of your closest friends and family, letting the excitement of the trip build as you get closer.

During the drive, common activities include singing along to a road trip playlist and just spending quality time with your travel mates. Additionally, you may run into some attractions and adventures along the way, some of which may even end up being more fun and exciting than your original destination.  


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