Are you struggling to find that perfect night’s rest? Are you always feeling tired? You’re in luck. We gathered some of the best, proven habits to sleep better at night.

A good night’s rest will improve your health.

Sleep is important in maintaining and even improving your health. If you suffer from poor sleep, it can increase your insulin resistance, disrupt your appetite hormones, and reduce your overall physical and mental performance.

Today we find that there are mattresses for every type of sleeper. While this goes a long way to helping us get better sleep, it may not always be enough. If you struggle to get a good night’s rest, here are some handy, proven tips that may help you out.

Start a regular routine for better sleep.

One of the best ways to find better sleep at night is to start a pre-bed routine. This routine is great in telling your busy mind that it’s time to slow down and get ready for sleep. 

To create a pre-bed routine, you need to remember that it’s all about being regular. Go to bed at the same time every night. Try to wake up at the same time in the morning.

Doing this will restore your circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. Having a well-balanced circadian rhythm will lead to better sleep and a happier you.

Avoid daytime naps.

As much as we love those daytime naps, they’re very bad for our sleep patterns. A recent study showed that people taking frequent naps during the day feel more tired than those who didn’t.

Not only will you find it more difficult to go to bed at night, but you will also end up disrupting your body’s circadian rhythm.

Keep it cool.

Another great tip is to try and keep your room cool. A cool, dark bedroom will help you to fall asleep quicker.

The temperature and lighting isn’t the only way to create the perfect sleeping environment. 80% of women in a study found that they slept better when the bedroom was organized and clean.

A clean, organized environment that’s both dark and cool goes a long way to leave you feeling happy and satisfied. This should help you fall asleep in no time at all.

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Say goodbye to those electronics.

The blue light from digital electronics can fool your brain into thinking that it should still be awake. So, for our next proven tip, try to avoid using electronics in the bedroom. After all, there’s no need to check your emails in bed.


Don’t take those drinks.

Everybody knows to avoid caffeine before going to bed. In fact, doctors recommend avoiding caffeinated drinks at least two hours before going to bed.

Coffee isn’t the only drink to avoid before bed, though. It would be best if you also avoid alcohol before bed. Alcohol disrupts your body’s natural circadian rhythm and could also increase snoring and sleep apnea, which leads to disrupted sleep patterns. 

You’re not alone.

Everybody suffers from sleep disorders at one point or another. However, with a couple of small lifestyle adjustments, you can discover a world of better sleep. Getting a good night’s rest will leave you filled with energy and motivation.

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