The Windy City offers breathtaking buildings with a gastronomic experience that is a feast for the eyes. an experience that can rival every city in the world.

The thing that continues to amaze me is the amount you can do for free in Chicago.

The generosity of benefactors has led to a myriad of outstanding museums, and more than 700 works of public art created by Picasso, Chagall, Miro.

The Elgin underpass as well as The Elgin underpass and the Edens Millennium Park pavilion are two of the most notable examples. The high-rises in Loop Loop along with the Millennium Park have been transformed into a huge outdoor display because of them.

There are many free events like the largest food festival in the world, Taste of Chicago, and music events that celebrate Chicago’s remarkable music history.

Chicago is also a fantastic city to explore by foot, through the Lakefront Trail or the new Riverwalk or even underground through the sophisticated Pedway system.

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Let’s look at the top ways to spend your time in Chicago:

1. River and Lake Cruises

Chicago is one of the cities that has waterways So why not spend your time by the water?

Between the Chicago River to Lake Michigan There are a variety of options for cruises. You can also enjoy breathtaking views of the skyline from a boat. The boats for architecture tours are perfect for this kind of trip.

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This boat cruise is a fantastic method to take in all the landmark buildings of Chicago and also learn about their story. It is also possible to enjoy a cruise on Lake Michigan for beautiful views of Chicago by the lake.

2. Skydeck Chicago

The Willis Tower Skydeck is an ideal way to enjoy views across the city. It is possible to book tickets online ahead for tickets, or stand in line and purchase tickets on the day you visit in case there are any spots open. This is a great opportunity to view four states from a single structure!

3. Food Tours

Chicago is renowned for its food, and it’s not a mistake not to take a sort of tour of the food industry while you’re there. There are many kinds to pick from, and most offer an experience (pun meant) of the many cuisines Chicago offers. You will find all kinds of barbecue, from Polish cuisine, on these excursions.

4. Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago has a plethora of art heritage, and the Art Institute of Chicago is one of the most well-known museums. Every month , they hold an exhibition that allows visitors to view the work of various artists at no cost! The structure itself is stunning to behold. The museum is sure to provide you with plenty to consider in terms of art. If you’re not sure how to begin there’s an entire area specifically devoted to exhibits for children which are more accessible to younger viewers!

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5. Grant Park

If you’re looking to be outside and take in the city, head towards Grant Park. This is a huge park and has plenty of things for anyone. It has gardens and a zoo as well as an aquarium, and an entertainment and theater within the park. It also houses Millennium Park (more on that in the future) Make sure you visit when you’re there!

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