Stone benchtops are an everlasting and beautiful feature of any home. There is nothing that can contest the natural gleam and beauty of a stone benchtop. Although, ensuring that these benchtops are kept looking alluring is not easy. With just a little bit of tender loving care, you can keep them looking their best.

Treat your stone benchtops as you would any other luxury product, and it will maintain its natural shine and beauty for many years to come. From quartz benchtops to marble benchtops and caesarstone benchtops, here are five easy tips that you can implement into your household routine to care for your stone benchtops.

1. Clean Your Stone Benchtops Daily

It is very important to clean your stone benchtops daily. A simple wipe down utilising warm water and a mild pH-balanced household cleaner with a soft, non-abrasive sponge or cloth is ideal. If available, a certain cleaning solution that is designed for cleaning stone benchtops is also desirable.

Stone benchtops need to be cleaned and maintained exceptionally, so ensure you stay away from acidic chemicals, harsh detergents and bleach or oil-based cleaners as they will cause extensive damage to your benchtops over time. Before using a cleaning product, it is vital to research and read about the product information so that you make an informed decision of what works best with your stone benchtop.

2. Minimise Staining and Etching

Natural stone can be very porous and absorbent, which is why it is crucial for it to be primed with a suitable sealer to minimise staining and etching. Steer clear of acidic, extremely coloured and abrasive substances – such as beetroot, lemon juice, and coffee – from coming into direct contact with the stone benchtop’s surface. If not cleaned up straight away, these substances can leave a mark on the surface.

To minimise staining and etching, utilise items such as coasters and placemats to avoid the probability of stains. Avoid removing any stains with coarse sponges or chemical cleaners. It is recommended to get advice from your stone supplier or stonemason for suggested cleaning products.

3. Try To Avoid Extreme Heat On Your Stone Benchtop

Natural stone can be exceptionally sturdy and durable, however, it should not be used as a workbench. Stone benchtops are heat-resistant as opposed to heat-proof. It is crucial that you do not place extremely hot items – such as pans and pots directly from the stove or oven – straight onto the benchtop. Lengthed exposure to soaring heat items can cause the benchtop to discolour or even crack. When placing any hot items on your benchtop, ensure you are using insulated mats or hot plates.

4. Keep Away From Cutting Directly On The Stones Surface

Do not cut directly on your stone benchtop’s surface. Even though natural stone may seem like the perfect place to do your cutting, unfortunately, even the strongest slab of stone is not resistant to cuts, chips and scratches. Such actions can dull the surface of your benchtop, and they can also dull your knives, slowing down your dinner preparation and enhancing your risk of injuring yourself.

Protect your stone benchtops and your knives by avoiding chopping vegetables and meat directly on the stone surface and instead using chopping boards.

5. Call In The Professionals For Cleaning

If you have had your stone benchtops for many years, and it is looking rather dull, it is time to call in the professionals. Professional stone benchtop cleaners can restore your benchtops to its original shine and natural beauty. Experts will assess your stone and use numerous methods to reverse any damages from oil or liquid stains. A poultice is a popular stone cleaning product that is a mix of plaster and a special solution which is then left on the stone benchtop for a period of time. This poultice draws out stains, evens out the surface and restores the stone’s brightness.

Where to Source Quality Stone Benchtops

Quality stone benchtops are a timeless and classic material for your home. Stone benchtops are a lasting investment that will withstand time and place value into your home. If you are searching for high-end and affordable stone benchtops to be installed in your home, get in contact with a reputable stonemason.

Whilst the focus of stone suppliers is on sourcing various stone products globally, stonemasons turn raw materials into a bespoke design brought into reality just for you. Endure personal and expert service from reliable stonemasons, providing you with various products and years of experience in the field.


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