With the huge number of people actively using social media, it’s a great place for all kinds of businesses to share their marketing campaigns. And during the last decade, it transformed from being a place where people socialize, but a place where they also look for solutions to their problems and pain points. 

As social media platforms open room for amazing opportunities for brands, they also bring many challenges that you should conquer.

Four social media challenges and how to overcome

As there are many challenges, it is also achievable thing and you can overcome them. We will discuss four challenges and will suggest ways to overcome them. Only by achieving that you can have all benefits that social media provides.

  1. Increasing the engagement

One of the main factors of social media marketing is boosting social media engagement. It’s frustrating dedicate time and effort to create a post that people won’t be interested in. 

There are several ways to achieve great engagement on social media channels and help the algorithms to show your content to as many people as possible. 

One of the important things is actively communicating with your followers. Encourage them to share their opinions in the comment section.

Another great solution is to use trending hashtags, which will make it easier for people to find and the algorithm to increase engagement.

2. Having authentic and loyal connections

One of the main concerns of social media marketers is not only to find ways how to get more followers on Instagram and other channels but also to have a strong base of loyal and authentic connections. If your connections try to find ways fo  working in the Netherlands, and your company has offered, openly share all the details. 

The essential rule here is not to treat people like you want to sell them. Instead, care about their needs and interests and give them what thet want. Listen and collect all kinds of feedback, and always try to improve your online presence. 

As a part of caring about people’s opinions, ask them your audience to share user-generated content and share them in your accounts, not forgetting to tag them.

3. Being consistent

One of the biggest struggles that marketers and business owners face is being consistent in the form of posting regularly and having the same brand voice on all platforms. 

Regularly posting will help you gain new followers and build connections with them. To be consistent, you use scheduling tools. 

And having a consistent brand voice, you should have a strategy that will include how you should connect with people and what kind of language you should use.

Regularly check social media users’ concerns if you offer a  real estate chatbot or another type of solution.

4. Considering all the platforms’ requirements

Different social media channels have specific requirements to succeed. Algorithms suggest different versions for winning the game, and your job is to know all the details and build a strategy around that.

Every social media platform has its audience, which has a specific trend. TikTok and Instagram prefer short video content. On the other hand, on LinkedIn, people love to consume written content. But in this case, remember to keep your brand voice consistent. 

Final thoughts 

Social media channels are an amazing marketing tool only if you know how to navigate there. In this article, we discussed some challenges that may come your way if you are trying to build a great social media presence. Not only do we differentiate obstacles, but we also give tips on how to overcome them. Follow these suggestions, and you can have social media accounts that help you accomplish your business goals.


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