Understanding How Social Media Works

Social media doesn’t play by the rules, and it doesn’t play fair. Social media is all about making money for those who pay money for varying advertisements. Essentially, whatever content is “trending”, it is to the benefit of social media agencies to promote. However, certain things will be “spiked”, and some things won’t “trend” even though it seems they ought to.

One thing to do is assure you post at the right time during the week. This link will tell you when the best times to post on Facebook and other social media are. Beyond that, the following tips are worth considering for all your social media profiles.

  1. Memes And More Memes
    Memes are popular with Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X. Boomers haven’t quite figured them out, but they’re increasingly popular among this segment of the population as well. At any rate: if you’re looking to have a better social media profile in terms of visibility, constantly sharing a half dozen memes every day is going to get you some followers.
  2. Optimization Through Social Media
    Something else you want to think about is general optimization as regards best practices. Think about making your account look good. Check out these social media dating tips. Even if you’re not dating anyone, these tips make sense. Why? Attractiveness. The more attractive your social media profile is, the more relevant and visible it’s going to be overall.

So be savvy about making your profile something individuals want to look at. That’s going to mean a few things. For one thing, it will mean you need to get as many worthwhile pictures as you can mix in with all the memes. For another, it’s going to mean interacting with people who engage with said content.

If you never respond to any notifications on social media, overall that will reduce your ability to “trend”. You’ve got to be as visible as you can be, and that means engaging in back-and-forth on your public profile. Sometimes you just need to like comments, other times they should be addressed. Though it doesn’t follow that you absolutely must address all doithuong.

Where it’s convenient and you’re compelled to respond, do so. Unless, of course, you’re never compelled to respond; in which case you might want to set for yourself a quota of some kind.

  1. Posting Content People Want To See
    Next, beyond pictures and memes, you want to put content on your social media platform that is desired viewing. Sometimes that might mean videos, sometimes it might mean thoughts communicated in text form. It can mean a lot of things; to some degree, it will depend on the sort of audience that makes up the majority of those following you on social media.

Also, it’s worth noting that some social media avenues are more appropriate for certain sorts of content than others. It will, of course, depend on what your overall goals are. Still, Instagram is better for visual content than Twitter or Facebook. Facebook is best for long-form content with much discussion, Twitter is best for quick fan engagement, LinkedIn is professional.

Expanding EngagementPost what people want to see on your social media profiles—a good indicator is emoji responses such as the “like” button. Use known best practices for optimization. Dating advice is good because the idea is to make your profile attractive.

Memes are also a great way of stimulating visibility on your social media profile, as people naturally love them. These moves can help you get the most from social media, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Play around and find out which ways of generating visibility work best for you!

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