You are likely to suffer from muscle pain or joint soreness after a sports game; in this case, deep tissue massage is a better option for you, as it helps overcome muscle soreness, relieves body fatigue, and relaxes stiffness and spasms. Percussion massager is a soft tissue treatment using percussive therapy, which can work the magic after the game. It’s a technique where you massage the muscles with vibrations and powerful pulses to loosen the body muscles after an intensive workout.

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You can use the therapy before or after a workout as a warm-up routine, as it helps increase blood circulation, hence making it an excellent sports recovery method. Massage technology is a scientifically backed recovery method preferred by professional athletes. Here are the three reasons a percussion massager recovery tool is better than an ice bath.

It gives a deep tissue massage

Percussion massager helps relieve body fatigue, muscle tension, soreness, and relaxes stiffness and spasms by stimulating the Golgi tendon organ that inhibits contraction to increase productivity. See more where you can find a percussion massager to buy online.

This form of massaging helps reduce inflammation, pushes fluid out of the muscle and into the circulatory system, breaks up scar tissues, and loosens muscles to improve range of motion, flexibility, power outputs, and other adhesions.

It helps prevent delayed onset muscle soreness

When the body is fatigued through extensive activities, it breaks down to microscopic levels and mini tears; when the mini tears eventually heal, the muscles grow stronger. It’s, therefore, essential to rest for some days after games.

You can recover from delayed onset muscle soreness by decreasing inflammation and bringing blood flow to the muscles. Blood is vital in healing the body part; percussion massager, thus, makes a great tool to consider in your workout routine. However, it’s recommended to consult your personal fitness trainer to help use the tools safely and effectively.

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Optimizes your workouts

You can rock your routine workouts and enjoy your games, then recover right. The tools allow quick acceleration of warm-up and speed up the recovery process post-game. Hit all the right muscles, master the timing and intensity of your sessions with guided routines of the massager.

When you work out well, the aches and pains ease, giving better sleep since stress and tension are reduced. The nervous system is regulated, improving your mood as the production of endorphins and serotonin is boosted, thus boosting your mood in relaxation.

While athletes still use ice baths post gaming to reduce muscle soreness and relieve pain, a recent study casts doubts about its effectiveness and benefits on body recovery after an intense sports activity. The side effect is the decrease in core temperature and the immersion in ice constricts blood vessels and slows blood circulation in your body. Therefore, the benefits of a percussion massager far outweigh ice baths.

If you are actively taking part in sports, consider using a percussion massager to quickly recover and ease the pain that comes with muscle soreness and body fatigue to enjoy your regular day post games.

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