What trends do you see shaping the future? What technologies or innovations will impact us in the near future?

Today, millions of new applications are being developed each year especial for  best online casino industry. And although many of them seem too futuristic to believe, some of them already exist. They include virtual assistants, self-driving cars and smart homes. The question is: Will these developments become a disruptive force that changes the way we live?

The Blockchain 

In its simplest form, a blockchain is just an online ledger of all transactions occurring on it. Just like your checking account balance is tracked by a bank or your tax payment history goes into a government database, so does every transaction made in the network get stored as “blocks”–a chain of data that never gets erased and lasts forever. So far, it has been used mainly for managing cryptocurrency (bitcoin) funds and recording ownership transfers but this technology can also be applied to more mainstream areas like e-commerce or financial services.

Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality Development Company/ Wearable Tech

Wearable tech has come such a long way from Nike+ Fuel band to Google Glass — and while there are still major hurdles in creating products out of AR/VR which have user acceptance across multiple platforms, we’re starting to see some really creative applications to make use of them. These innovations offer great opportunities to travel, healthcare, education, business and other industries.

Facial Recognition Technology

This one was huge last year with Facebook’s purchase of Oculus VR. While it hasn’t necessarily taken off in mass adoption yet, it has seen some positive uses in security/border control, law enforcement and other government agencies to identify people based off their faces when they are identified through surveillance cameras. It could potentially play a role in facial recognition systems down the road.


While there is real money to be made in south african gambling site, even if it seems very high risk right now, there are also some incredible opportunities. With the emergence of wearable technology, drones, 3D printing, the Internet of Things and blockchain, you can bet there will continue to be massive change in how we interact.


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