Wealth does not make us more than one. Therefore, we need to be aware of what happens when we deliver models after the deadline. Did you forget to impose any taxes? Remember that you can ask for all the dates to include in our 2022 tax calendar. If you are self-employed, you may also find it helpful to consider the following:

If we forget or, for some reason, miss the due date, the Tax Agency will punish us. Obviously the fine will depend on whether we pay voluntarily or whether the Administration should notify us, but also the time it takes to pay.

How to pay the Treasure after the deadline and how is the payment indicated?

Payment of tax brought after the deadline should be made as if nothing had happened, that is, at the AEAT offices themselves or electronically. Yes, we recommend that you do it as soon as possible because the amount of penalty increases over time. Let’s see what happens in different situations that we can find.

If we are late but pay without needing it in advance

If we make a payment before the Court calls us, we will not be liable for delay, but we will charge interest on the payment to do so after the deadline.

So that we are clear on what should be understood as the basic requirements of Leadership; they themselves describe it as any judicial act that the Treasury informs us of instability, as in this case it is late in payment. In other words, if we fix it ourselves without the Treasury notifying us otherwise – usually by post – the IRS Penalty will be less.

In the following video you will see the new way to file your Tax Forms, making sure you do not submit them after the last term in the next quarter:

Treasury fines and tax payment after the deadline

The penalty for late tax is based on the time it took to file a tax from the time we found out about it. Depending on how long we take, we will have one or more penalties:

  • Over the next three months, the payout will be 5%.
  • Between 3 and 6 months, earnings will increase by 10%.
  • Between 6 and 12 months, an additional 15% will be paid.
  • If more than 12 months have passed, interest rates will rise to 20%. In addition, in this case there will be a penalty of more than a year from the last day for which notice could be given.
  • Remember that this extra amount will be calculated based on the amount we have to pay in advance. This concept applies only to late payment of this type, but the penalties will vary, for example, if we fail to meet the payment schedule or installments requested.

Delay payment by first request

If the deadline is over, and before we have time to pay, we receive a notification from the State Government, the penalty will be severe. That is why we recommend that if you miss the deadline and the Treasury has not notified you, do so voluntarily as soon as possible.

In the event that the Tax Agency is required to grant us a rebate, an economic penalty will be added to the additional amount spent on the proceeds to be paid late. We remind you that depending on the tax, these penalties may vary but, for example, in the case of late payment of VAT, they can reach up to another 100%. In other words, we would have to pay double the amount we were due for a few days’ delay. Similarly, if you come to this situation, it is recommended that you check for a reduction in the penalty that can lead to a saving of up to 50%.

And if the return is out of time, zero or information?

In cases where we give notice after the last days, and the result is negative or zero, the President will punish us with 200 euros, unless they had to notify us. On the other hand, if this notice is informative, we will be required 20 euros for each data or data set referring to an individual or organization, with a minimum of 300 euros and a maximum of 20 euros.

As such, keep in mind that in one of these two cases, if we fix the pre-Government message, the sanctions and limits will be halved, that is, the penalties may be as follows: 100 euros in bad notices and. zero, and ten euros for each data or data set in history (limits between 150 and 10,000 euros).

Example of a lawsuit before AEAT

As we have already mentioned, you can argue if you are not satisfied with the announcement received from the Fund.

To do this, you can configure it via the “Electronic Notifications” section on the AEAT page. Generally, in “Respond to Requirements or submit documents related to the document received from AEAT” you can submit documents. Thus, you can be guided in the request or notification to get the other way.

Here you have all the steps to submit a request.

Submit VAT mode 303 after the deadline

We tell you about the effect that paying and paying VAT after the deadline can have, we certainly missed the talk time at some point. We will see what you need to do to be able to pass accounts and Funds without having to pay high prices and late payment of taxes.

What happens if we delay the payment of VAT?

You should be aware that, even if you are late in delivering the VAT mode 303, you can still deliver after the deadline. We will display the 303 mode as “nothing happened”. In other words, we will go to the offices of the Treasury or through the AEAT website and provide a picture of VAT 303. However, there are different fines for paying time.


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