Sam Wap, the producer and singer of the hit songs, “U Got The Fever” and “Cake” by Vanilla Ice and “Eazy On The Way” by 50 Cent are not only known for their amazing singing ability but also their rapping skills. Sam has also appeared on several videos, gained a large amount of exposure and is loved by many music lovers. He has been referred to as a rapper more than any other artist. When he released his own album entitled sam wap ukweli lyrics song, it sold very well, bringing him stardom and the attention of many rap artists. Wap is definitely one of the most talented rappers in the rap game today.

As you listen to any Sam Wap song, it has an inspirational message that is aimed at all ages. Most of the songs focus on positive messages that are aimed at young listeners. Sam Wap is a great example of a great rapper and also one of the leaders of hip hop music. He speaks on many issues in society and encourages people to speak out and fight for what they believe in, even if it is just for one day.

“I’mma Set” is one of the most famous Sam Wap lyrics and the first single from his major release “Eazy On The Way” which went number one in the U.S.A. While it may seem generic on the surface, the lyrics, which include things like “you’re never gonna beat me” and “babies is what I want” prove that Sam is not one to be afraid of women or babies. In fact, Sam has five children with his wife Madonna.

On the outro of “I’mma Keep the House” Sam says, “baby azzy yu can get a grip on me.” This is followed by what can loosely be considered a rap diss about not being able to make a woman have an orgasm, which gets quite personal and then touches on his feelings for his children. A closer listen reveals Sam’s feelings towards marriage and fatherhood and how he would prefer the latter. If you’ve ever wondered how a man so into Madonna could still be in love with a baby, the answer is probably because he loves his children, just like everyone else.

“Etta James” is a song that Sam sings along with the lady know as Etta James. Although we all know who Etta James is, the lyrics reveal more about the relationship between Sam and Etta than most other songs. The song talks about how Etta has been a friend of Sam’s for years and even appeared on one of his albums. It may be that Sam doesn’t want anyone else to know how close he is with Etta and is using this song as the means to get her to open up to him again.

U Kweli is an amazing track from Sam’s album “Papering the Blind,” but not much is known about the track. It includes a classic cut off beat, which makes it one of those rare hip hop songs that really makes you think. What kind of lyrics are included here though? Sam seems to be a man who wants to share his woes, like any true artist would. This song lyrics reveal a more personal side of Sam and show his softer side, which is always a good thing to hear about.


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