The Web Design with HTML and CSS Digital Classroom uses fi les for the exercises with each of the lessons. These fi les are available for download at You may download all the lessons at one time or you may choose to download and work with specifi c lessons. For each lesson in the book, the fi les are referenced by the fi le name of each fi le. The exact location of each fi le on your computer is not used, as you may have placed the fi les in a unique location on your hard drive. We suggest placing the lesson fi les in the My Documents folder or on the Desktop so you can easily access them. Using your web browser, navigate to

Follow the instructions on the web page to download the lesson fi les to your computer. 2 On your computer, navigate to the location where you downloaded the fi les and rightclick (Windows) the .zip fi le you downloaded, then choose Extract All or double click on the .zip fi le (Mac OS). 3 If using a Windows computer, the Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders window appears. In this window, specify the location where you want to save the fi les, and click Show Extracted Files When Complete. Mac OS users will fi nd the fi les extracted to the same location as the original .zip fi le.

The site provides Web Design with HTML and CSS Digital Classroom book readers with video tutorials that enhance the content of this book. The videos use the popular Silverlight player for viewing on your desktop or notebook computer, or use iPad-compatible video if you are using an iPad to read an electronic version of this book.

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Most other ePub devices are not optimized for playing video, and you should use a notebook, desktop, or tablet computer for viewing the video tutorials if you are using a dedicated e-reader such as a nook, Kindle, kobo, or Sony e-reader. An Internet connection is necessary for viewing the supplemental video fi les. The videos enhance your learning as key concepts and instructions are discussed by the book’s authors.

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The video tutorials supplement the book’s contents, and do not replace the book. They are not intended to cover every item discussed in the book, but will help you gain a better or more clear understanding of topics discussed in many lessons of the book.

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