Best UCEED Colleges that Will Accept Scores for Admission in 2023 -Admission to several B. Des programs will be made available to design applicants using the UCEED Colleges score 2023 exam administered by IIT Bombay. Every student hopes to be accepted into prestigious design institutes. Through UCEED 2023, aspirants can gain admission to the most esteemed design institutes in India.

There were just four IITs that took part in the UCEED up until 2021. To grant admission to the B. Des program, IIT Delhi joined the UCEED exam last year.

IITs are connected to several result-sharing institutions. These institutions will provide particular seats in their undergraduate programs for admission through UCEED Colleges for the academic year 2023.

“Visualisation and spatial ability,” “perception and design sensitivity,” “environmental and social consciousness,” logical and analytical reasoning,” “language and creativity,” “creative thinking and problem solving,” and “drawing” are all topics covered in these tests. The course syllabus may occasionally be modified.

The exam, which lasts for three hours, is in English. It is divided into two portions, Parts A and B, which together are worth 300 points. Part A is completed on computers, and Part B is completed on paper with a pen. It is required that you finish both sections. Candidates are assigned seats based on their rank, and scorecards for UCEED Colleges are valid for a year.

Read the article about the best UCEED Colleges that will accept UCEED scores in 2023.

Top UCEED Colleges accepting UCEED Exam

Admission is not restricted to IITs alone. Instead, students with approved UCEED results can also enrol in result-sharing institutes. However, hopefuls should review the Admission requirements before applying. In general, the result-sharing institutes are those that admit students using the UCEED score from 2021. Additionally, these institutions provide courses in several B.Des degrees. However, the result-sharing institutions are not permitted to participate in IIT Bombay’s joint admissions process.

One of the top institutions for sharing UCEED results is LPU Jalandhar. It also provides the following programs.

  • Furniture and interior design.
  • Industrial and product design.
  • The design of film production and journalism.
  • Clothing design.
  • Furniture design and multimedia.

In a similar vein, Bengaluru’s Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology is a UCEED result-sharing institution. It offers an interesting variety of topics as of below.

  • both inventive and practical calculations.
  • Design of business services and systems.
  • Using images and strategically branding.
  • practices in industrial arts and design.
  • Educational creativity
  • human-centred design
  • of public spaces.
  • Information design techniques and information arts.

Multimedia Communication and Design are something Kokrajhar brings to the Central Institute of Technology. Similar programs are available at Chitkara University in Punjab.

  • Visual interaction.
  • interface for use.
  • Game creation.

Scores from the UCEED are also accepted by Pune’s Vishwakarma University. Additionally, it provides courses in graphic design. A renowned university that offers BDes is Delhi Technology University.

It provides an interior design curriculum at Gujarat’s CEPT University. Through UCEED rankings, Manipal University in Jaipur also provides a fashion design program. In addition, the U.P. Institute of Design in Noida provides 30 B.Des seats in the design field.

The Riidl Academy in Mumbai also provides a B.Des Product Design curriculum.

Without a doubt, Gandhinagar, Gujarat’s Swarnim Institute of Designs, is a well-known name. The institute primarily provides the following programmes.

B.Des in-

  • graphic arts.
  • interior planning.
  • Design of products.
  • Designing clothing.

Undoubtedly, Anant National University in Ahmedabad is a renowned institution. Through UCEED ranking, the institute additionally provides the following programmes.

  • Design for Communication.
  • Environmental Planning.
  • Transdisciplinary Architecture.
  • Designing interactions.
  • Space Planning.
  • Design of products.

UCEED Participating Institutes 2023

Seat allocation to IITs has increased over the previous year. Candidates can use the table below to compare the seats available through UCEED in the last year for BDes programmes at institutions that accept UCEED results for admission.

Institute No. of seats available for admission through UCEED 2023
IIT Bombay 37
IIT Hyderabad 20
IIITDM Jabalpur 66
IIT Guwahati 56
IIT Delhi 20
Total seats 199

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Which UCEED Colleges participate in UCEED?

Five colleges—IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, IIT Hyderabad, and IIITDM Jabalpur—participate in UCEED.

How many UCEED Colleges recognise the UCEED score?

18 institutions accept UCEED scores for yearly admission to their various B.Des and M.Des degrees, according to the UCEED official website.

The UCEED score is accepted by CIT Kokrajhar.

Yes, UCEED now offers admission to B.Des and M.Des programmes at CIT Kokrajhar.

What happens after passing the UCEED?

Candidates who pass the UCEED exam must take part in counselling to be assigned seats for the course and UCEED Colleges of their choice.

What is the percentage of seats available in the B.Des programme at IIT Delhi?

Near about 37% seats are available for the B.Des programme at IIT Delhi.


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