Dogs, unlike many people, can be terrified of fireworks. Your dog may find the loud noises and flashing lights of fireworks to be extremely terrifying, but there are steps you can take to reduce their anxiety. Our best advice for handling pets and fireworks is provided below.

While there are certain things, you can do to keep your dog calm during fireworks, training your dog to become accustomed to loud noises may be a more effective long-term option. Your dog can learn to identify loud noises with something pleasant rather than something to be afraid of by becoming gradually desensitised to them over time.

10 Tips for Supporting Your Dog during the Fireworks Season

  1.     When fireworks or firecrackers are almost over, avoid allowing your dog outside. Well, before it gets dark, take your dog for a stroll. Normally, it is illegal to set off fireworks after 11 p.m., but on Bonfire Night, this lockdown is extended till the morning, so always try to exhaust your dog before it becomes dark. Once it gets stopped, take them for one last bathroom break. You might try to feed your dog early as well if they are particularly afraid of fireworks. If you have the time, make them know such things to avoid abruptly upsetting your dog’s habit.
  2.     Make a “safe area” within your house to protect your dog from pyrotechnics. A table covered with blankets makes a wonderful hideaway, or if the dog is accustomed to staying in a small crate, you can cover the crate and keep it open with soft sheets inside. It may be more stressful for your dog to be locked inside of the crate, so avoid doing this. Ensure that your dog has a few hiding spots to select from.
  3.     By keeping a television or a radio on, you can conceal the unexpected bang of fireworks and lessen the potential impact sounds may fall on your dog. Classical songs will soothe dogs, and when you play at a high volume, your dog becomes comfortable; music with a strong bass will be great for muffling bangs.
  4.     Always close the drapes or shutters to block out the light from the strong fireworks. Dogs may become anxious when they hear fireworks in addition to seeing the light show and sky-wide flashes. Keep the lights on inside to lessen the effect of the sparks as well. Keep your dog out of one room at all times since they could damage themselves as they try to escape, especially if they grow stressed.
  5.     Dogs may prefer to curl up with you in their normal position rather than in a designated place, so give them allowance to all of the safe spots in the home.
  6.     Be sure your pets are safely microchipped, and the information on their microchip is current. In the rare situation, if a dog escapes or runs away from the house when fireworks are being set off, its owner can be found much more quickly and simply if the dog is microchipped. Since April 2016, microchipping your dog has been a legal necessity.
  7.     Your dog may experience less fear if they can check that the fireworks are useless. Animals have a keen sense of perception and will pick up on your odd behaviour. Being excessively friendly or following your pet around could make them feel uneasy or confused. By chewing their favourite toy, for instance, you can still reassure your pet but make an effort to act as normal. Your dog might feel more worried about the excess you alter your behaviour. So for your dog’s safety, install an invisible dogs fence.
  8.     As much as possible, make your house and garden escape-proof. Ensure that all windows and doors are shut tightly. If at all possible, keep your dog away from exterior doors, especially when some people are entering or leaving the house.
  9.     To help keep dogs occupied, give them a durable chew. You can get a Pedigree Jumbone for your dog from the store at Battersea, and you can also contribute to the tranquilly of the dogs housed in our kennels by purchasing a chew for one of them from our online store. You may also try layering food inside a toy like a KONG to keep your dog entertained.
  10. You might wish to speak with your veterinarian if, despite following our recommendations, your pet is still very scared out by fireworks. A veterinarian might give your pet some useful medicine to help with their anxiety, but any medication should be used in conjunction with a behaviour modification strategy.

Therefore, you must consider this as it concerns your dog’s safety. So you must search more related to this topic. Please share your experiences of how you have helped your pet to calm down during fireworks below in the comment section. 


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